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Náhuatl: naualli - sorcerer, plural: nanaualtin.

  • A Méxica Judge, assumed by outsiders to be an agent of the Mirror. See tlamatinime.
  • A sorcerer, one who has a nagual totemic spirit and has mastered the control of their spiritual twin. A nauallis is a descendant of the shamanic traditions of the territories to the north of the Valley of México.
  • A nahualli is a spiritual twin or shares the portion of the soul known to the Méxica as the tonalli. This portion of the soul resides in the head, and is the source of vigor; the 'star' or destiny of the individual. The other parts of the soul are the teyolia, which is kept in the heart and is the true soul and imagination, and the ihiyotl, held in the liver, the 'breath' or 'spirit'; the source of passion.

In ancient times a naualli might carry a nahualcuahuitl - a sorcerer's staff. The most senior nanaualtin were known as:

  • Nahualtecuhtli Sorcerer-lord (plural Nahualtecutin).
  • Teotecuhtli Divine-lord (plural Teotecutin).
  • Teopixqui Keeper of the divine (plural Teopixqueh), also a title of certain priests.


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