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Foundation: ????-1723Dead.gif
Capital: Naples
Religion: Hussite Christian

By Martin Helsdon


The Wallach exile state.

The History:

Still to be written

NewsFax Entries

1713-1714 T193
Naples: Juduz continued to mope around his new palace at Caserta outside of Naples. Various emissaries of the Spanish banks were camped in his courtyard and would not leave. Finally, he was forced to admit that he had no coin to give them and they left, swearing terrible vengeance upon him for defaulting upon loans they had made him. At the same time, Naples expanded as more Wallachian expatriates crammed into its cafes and taverns.

1715-1716 T194
Kiev: The provinces and towns of Pechneg (and Nikolayev), Ialomita, Dobruja, Ludgorie and Wallachia (and Craiova) became Eastern Orthodox and settled by Uze tribesmen. Many Hussites fled up the river into the few lands still held by barons loyal to the duke of Naples.

Naples: Juduz, reading the dispatches of his agent, Palador, in the old domains, cursed luridly upon learning that the Uze had settled in the heartland of his old domain. Naples was truly his home, now. Palador was later killed in Transylvania by bandits, making things just perfect. On the other hand, Naples expanded again.

1717-1718 T195
The Holy Cross War
March 1717 The Libyan fleet attempts to pass through the straits of Messina to make a shorter voyage to the east, but finds the narrow passage held against them by the Islander army, which is preparing to invade the Duchy of Naples. Gaudamis orders his fleet back west, to swing wide around Sicily.
April The Ducal army of the Islands storms across the border from Calabria into Campania, intending to knock out the Duchy of Naples with one blow.
May In Campania the Islander army finds the land empty and marches to the walls of Naples. There they find that the Duke Juduz has fled on his small fleet to exile (again) in the north. Jakob laughs, seeing that his enemies have fled away before him.

Naples: Like many nations, the Duke bowed and scraped before the bulging coffers of the Dantai emissaries, accepting their ‘assistance’ in expanding the city of Naples. Juduz involved himself intimately in the planning for the new precincts of the city and the new university. Kane, the commander of the Ducal Guards, amused himself by rousting out any merchants that were not Dantai. However, there weren’t any, so he just busted some shops up.

House of Falcòn: The Falcone continued to mind their own business, though Lucious d’Medici (one of the more powerful captains) died by accident in the trouble in Naples.

1719-1720 T196
Swedish Russia: Declares peace and unsequestered trade with the Christian Emirate of Lybia, the Danish Empire, and the Grand Duchy of Naples.

Naples: Concomitant with the Great Peace, the Neapolitans were able to return from exile in Trieste and Juduz was once more duke in the land of his childhood. Trade was restored by the merchants of the Duchy and some hope was held out that things could be restored to normal.

1723-1724 T197
Danish Empire: Kristatos, tan and healthy-looking, reappeared later in 1724 in Naples, where he attempted to pressure the Duke into joining the Empire. Instead, he managed to precipitate a crisis that collapsed the remainder of the Wallach exile state.

The Dukes

  • Juduz Dracul ????-1723

The Players

  • None T???-T197
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