Naipon-Austral Empire

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Foundation: ????-1732 (T???-T201)Dead.gif

  • Sasaki in Camoweal (????-1643)
  • Iruka in Aanx (1643-1644)
  • Kenehold in Dajarra(1644-1705)
  • Iten in Nokama(1705-1732)

Religion: Oroist

By Rob Pierce & Graham Donald


The Naipon-Austral Empire, after a very long period of control of Australia fell to the Borang Bakufu in 1731 (T201), during the Ice Wars.

The History:

Still to be written.

Newsfax Entries

Shoguns of Australia, Emperors of the Maori, Shark God on Earth

(Kugyo Clan)
Kugyo Moke (1731-1732 d.1739)
Kugyo Jana (1725-1731)

(Tsall Clan)
Tsall Ichi (1723-1725)

(Gularu Clan)
Gularu Te (1716-1723)

(Gezu Clan)
Gezu Bokakaru(1701-1716)
Gezu Kalaru (1698-1701)

(Kugyo Clan)
Kugyo Kepe (????-1698)
Kugyo Sui (1672-????)
Kugyo Owara (1653-1672)

(Kaido Clan)
Kaido Katsuhiro (1648-1653)
Kaido Kené (1633-1648)
Kaido Nimure (????-1633)

The Players

Kelly Parks 16??-1732
Open? 16??-16??
Corey House ????-16??

Last updated: 7 December 2004

© 2004 Robert Pierce & Graham Donald

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