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Foundation: 1683-1702 Dead.gif
Capital: Nan Chao
Religion: Catholic?

By Martin Helsdon


A shortlived Aztec Pochteca which seems to have faded away when it ceased to be played.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

1683-1684 T178
Pocheteca Nahuatl: After a bruising political battle in Sion, the NanChao pocheteca managed to secure (despite the opposition of Trakonel, who had favored the Tuxpan pocheteca house) the rich salt monopoly within the Aztec realm. With this as a economic basis for the house, Xioploxin prepared to expand his operations throughout the Empire and into other lands as well. Xioploxin's brother - Techichichen - and his nephew - Amoxolixin - set out aship to distant lands and opened warehouses and offices in Almiera in Powhattan (in the Shawnee Empire) and Macahuil in far northern Aztec.

1685-1686 T179
Pocheteca Nahuatl: The Pochetecas keep their heads low and hoped that NanChao would not be demolished by warfare and siege. Trade routes were established to True Inca and Shawnee, and the subsidiary operations in Almiera and Macahuil were expanded.

1687-1688 T180
Azteca: Trakonel, bowing to the interests of the merchants in the court, granted the Pocheteca Nahuatl more special privileges within the Empire. As there were few other merchant houses with the political connections to effectively protest this, it went unopposed.

Pocheteca Nahuatl: The Pochetecans minded their own business, to great extent, though they sent ships both north-west and north-east in search of trading opportunities and new markets for their goods.

1689-1690 T181
Pocheteca Nahuatl: Despite the freezing cold, a Pocheteca mission to Iceland did succede in establishing some commercial concerns there. "It's cold!" wailed the hapless sailors sent to the far north, "and this place smells funny!" Xioploxin ignored their pitiful pleas, however.

1691-1692 T182
Pocheteca Nahuatl: Despite the death of Techichichen due to frostbite and pneumonia (it was cold in Iceland), the Pocheteca managed to open a new warehouse and office in Mahual. Efforts in the western seas did not meet with such good success.

1693-1694 T183
Pocheteca Nahuatl: The Pocheteca were sad to learn that the revered Xioploxin had passed away due to a confusion of humors. Still, the strong-minded Ni'chensa's ascension was not contested by the lords of the house.

1695-1696 T184
Pocheteca Nahuatl: The Poche sat around and drank a lot of bitter chocolatl.

1697-1698 T185
Pocheteca Nahuatl: Sister Nichole stared at the craft that was hidden in the mangrove creek, then turned to her guide.

"You offered to sell me a flying boat," she said accusingly, "but what manner of boat is this? It's sails and masts, if that's what they are, project to out the side, where they are of no use to anyone. And what are those windmills attached to the crow's nests?"

"It's called a PBY," the man announced with a sly expression.

"A Peeby Why?"

"That's right, sister, a PBY Catalina! And just you wait 'till you see what this baby can do. It'll make that Papal Emissary Ship look like a sack of cheese. It carries fifty cals and depth charges."

"Fifth Teakals and Death Charges? What are those?"

"You'll find out, baby! And if they can't win souls for you church, I don't know what will!"

1699-1700 T186
Pocheteca Nahuatl: The Nahuatl contented themselves with their trade in salt.

1701-1702 T187
Pocheteca Nahuatl: Ni’chensa hung around and whined about the amount of money that he was making from the Aztec salt monopoly.

Clan-chiefs of the NanChao Pocheteca Nine-Mountain

  • Ni'chensa 1693-1702
  • Xioploxin 1683-1692

The Players

  • Joseph Slick
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