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Foundation: 1447-date (T91-date)

  • Harbin (from ???)
  • Beijing (to ???)

Religion: Buddhist

By Rob Pierce, updated by Martin Helsdon


Still to be written.

Once known as the Mongol Chinese Empire from 1447 to 1494 (T91-T102), then as the Great Mongol Empire, the Chan Mongol Empire, and, lastly, since 1742 (T206) as the Manchu Mongol Empire.

Warning!: This is not the historical Mongol Empire. See [1] for the real Mongol Empire.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

Mongol Empire Newsfax Entries

The God-Emperors

Manchu Dynasty

  • Manchu Tun Wei 1763-date
  • Jian Zhan, regent for Manchu Tun Wei 1759-1763
  • Manchu Zao Ma 1752-1759
  • Manchu Ch'ien-Lung 1742-1752

Chan Dynasty

  • Chan Jaki 1739-1742
  • K'ang Hsi Hu 1701-????
  • Fusing Dynasty
  • Fusing Li-Phaha 1447-1450


  • T216-date Jeff Morrison
  • T209-T215 Robert Harlan (Leslie Dodd)
  • T207-T208 Dion Costa
  • T205-T206 Dion Kaimihana
  • T165-???? Floyd Goldstein
  • T91-T116 Rob Pierce

Last updated: 8 April 2005

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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