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Glyph representing the Smoking Mirror: the volutes above the axis - representing a dead man's bones - symbolize the Morning Star

The Mirror of Black Glass, the Tlachialoni, are the Imperial Secret Services.

The “Mirror” refers to a magical object used by the god Tezcatlipoca to view into the hearts of men and divine whether they spoke the truth or not. The Méxica Emperors were also said to own a double-faced obsidian mirror through which they could see their people and all that took place in the world, and with which they could interpret the wishes of the deities for guidance.

In the Imperial system there are dozens of competing agencies under the umbrella of the Mirror – spying on all segments and levels of society – so it is not a monolithic entity. The nauallis – the Judges – are technically an agency of the Mirror, but are almost always at cross-purposes with the other groups.


The Mirror provides Political Officers appointed to oversee a unit of the military to provide oversight of sensitive missions and to to detect dissension in the ranks.

The Mirror routinely monitors communications within the Imperial forces and can modify or remove undesirable communications. It has full access to Imperial communications, secure public datacomm and voice traffic via snoopsoft.

Nearly all civilian data is available to the Mirror, either through backdoors in mass-produced comm equipment or revealed by Imperial ‘mice’ scanning and analyzing broadcast data-streams in real-time.

The main human foes of the Mirror are the HKV and the Volkscommando.


The is divided into a number of agencies:

  • The tlamatinime, the male Judges. The Judges are not actually part of the Mirror and there is some friction between the two organizations.
  • The tetonalti, female psych-warfare (?) agents.
  • The Mice.
  • Coyote Knights - paramilitary specialists in intelligence collection, infiltration, sabotage, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism.

Mirror Ranks

Fleet Rank Marine/Army Rank Mirror Rank
Mirror Rank
Admiral of the Fleet Commandant Tezcacoacatl
(person of the mirror serpent)
Admiral General Tezcatlatoani
(mirror speaker)
Vice Admiral Lieutenant-General Tezcateuctli
(mirror lord)
(skull rack lord)
Rear Admiral Major-General Tezcateyacanqui
(mirror director)
(skull rack director)
Captain Colonel Tezcatiacauh
(mirror chief)
(skull rack chief)
Commander Tezcatlacatecatl
(mirror commander)
(skull rack commander)
Lieutenant Commander Major Tezcatequihuah
(mirror captain)
(skull rack captain)
Lieutenant Captain Tezcatlamatini
(mirror senior analyst)
Sub-Lieutenant Lieutenant Tezcatlachixqui
(mirror analyst)
Ensign Sub-Lieutenant Tezcatoltecotl
(mirror technician)
(skull hunter)
Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major Tezcatequini
(mirror operative)
(skull operative)
1st Petty Officer Sergeant Tezcatlapixqui
(mirror guardian)
(jaguar elder)
2nd Petty Officer Corporal Tlachiani
(skull jaguar)
Leading Starman Lance Corporal Quimichi
(skull stalker)

Coyote Knights

Méxica Term Meaning Rank Equivalent Army Rank
Coyotlatoani Coyote Speaker General Encompasses the ranks of Tlacoccalcatl and Tlacateccatl.
Coyotlahtoh Commanding Coyote Colonel Cuauhtlahtoh
Coyopilli Coyote Noble Major Yaotachcauh
Coyoyahcatl Great Captain Captain Cuahyahcatl
Coyoquichtli Coyote Warrior Lieutenant Yaotequihuah
Huey Coyotl Great Coyote Sergeant Major
Warrant Officer
Coyoheuhueh Coyote Elder Master Sergeant Cuauhhuehueh
Coyotl Coyote Sergeant Tequihuah
  • Coyote Knights are an elite forced recruited from the ranks of the Army and Marines. They do not include ranks below Sergeant.
  • Coyotes are of lower prestige that Eagle and Jaguar Knights, and as specialists in intelligence collection, infiltration, sabotage and counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations are more closely associated with the Mirror than other military units.
  • The origins of the Coyote warrior order lie with the classical Tolteca, not the Méxica. The Tolteca introduced the Eagle, Jaguar and Coyote orders to the Yucatán, including Chichén Itzá and Mayapán.
  • The coyote was regarded as having two aspects:
    • The god of singing and dancing.
    • As a beast of prey and a symbol of the warrior. Certain outstanding Méxica warriors appeared both at dances and in battle clothed in a garment representing the coyote.


Nisei Term Title Méxica Term
Shikkoukan Political Officer Cuauhtezcatli

(eagle mirror)

Shitsumonki Interrogator Tetezcaviani

(he places a mirror in front of the others)

Chouhou Bunseki-ka Intelligence Analyst Tezcachichia

(mirror stalker)

Chouhouin Spy Tlachiani


Kouisha Surveillance agent Quimichi


Taijouhou Counter-intelligence Quimichcuani

(eater of mice)

Merchant-Spy Naualoztomecatl

(disguised merchant)

Named Operatives

Named Mirror operatives:


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