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Foundation: 1661-1664Dead.gif
Capital: Chichen Itza
Religion: Roman Catholic

By Martin Helsdon


A short-lived state supported by the Papacy during the War of the Aztec Succession.

The History:

Unlikely to ever be written.

NewsFax Entries

1655-1656 T164
Aztec Empire: The destruction of Tajin and the provisional Tlakotani governement eroded still more of the Tlak control of Mexico. Cochimi, Concho, Cora, Maya and Zacatec all revolted or merely slipped away, forming their own principalities and states. At the news of these latest betrayals Kulhuz danced around in a little circle screaming and flailing himself with a braided whip. he was not pleased.

1657-1658 T165
Church Spiritual: At the request of the King of Maya, a large contingent of Papal clerks, aides and scribes were sent to help that notable monarch rule his small domain.

Aztec Empire: Late in 1657 a great fleet of Afriqans suddenly appeared off the coast of Popoluca and landed a strong force of 20,000 men who besieged Tlacotalpan, supported by heavy fire from the fleet. After a short battle the city fell and was ruled by the Afriqans for almost nine months before the Nisei army arrived from Huave (after defeating the Afriqan attack on that province) and drove the black men off. Rumor later indicated that they had moved to Maya, now a Papal Kingdom.

1659-1660 T166
Aztec Empire: The Papal protectorate in Maya, influenced by various 'foreign' powers, repudiated its allegiance to the Papacy and declared itself the Republic of Maya! The President of the Republic then called upon all neighboring provinces to rise up against the tyrrany of the Tlakotani and join him in a new age of peace, prosperity and freedom.

Soon after this political upheaval Lord Pyangat, commanding the Sud Afriqan fleet at Maya, was found slumped in his office, a neat round hole right above his left eye. At the same time the sailors of the fleet were becoming quite restless and a goodly portion of them, upon being informed that they would not be returning to their homes in distant Afriqa, mutinied. Shockingly this mutiny was led by Admiral Urunu and was crushed in turn by the Mbundan prince in a fierce struggle on both land and sea. As a result a goodly portion of the Sud Afriqan fleet was either destroyed or immobilized for the remainder of the turn.

1661-1662 T167
Republic of Maya: The Mayan Republic, otherwise well known as a Papal puppet-state sustained only by Azorean gold and the strength of Templar and Afriqan arms, held free elections in 1662, electing the merchant Hutuil to the office of the Presidency.

Coloradan pocheteca, visiting the province, were amazed to see that the local populace turned out in large numbers to mark their choices on pieces of pottery and place them in large urns. The northerners were further dumbfounded to see that the local authorities then abided by the decisions of the electorate.

In other local news, the King of the Mbundu, who had seized command of the Afriqan fleet during the mutiny the year before last, now came down with a shuddering gout of the blood-worms and died in horrible pain aboard his flagship off the Mayan coast. Command of the expedition then shifted to the Tswanan prince. He, in turn, immediately left with the fleet and scampered right out of the Carribean, heading for home waters!

1663-1664 T168
Church Spiritual: Under the terms of some shady peace deal, the Mayans were abandoned by the Papacy to the mercies of the Aztecs. The Mayan king refused an offer of exile on a sunny Carribean island and returning to minding his own affairs. He did retain the army that the Papacy and the Sud Afriqans had trained and equipped for him, however.

High Kingdom of Colorado: The Coloradan knights fighting under Nisei command in Central America had a good time spearing Mayan babies on their lances.

Aztec Empire: The Nisei general, Humara Chen, led a campaign against the Mayan king Hutuil and smashed his nascent kingdom - so recently under the aegis of the Papacy. Though none spoke openly of it, the Shinto troops took great pleasure in slaughtering the Catholic Mayans. With this victory the realm of the Aztecs was at last secured and the various foreign contingents returned home.


  • Hutuil 1661-1664

The Player

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