Maximilian's War

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1643-1644 T158
True Incan Empire: Gahan, coming of age, found that his best general had been sent awau south for some "war of flowers" foolishness. A swift messenger was sent to recover the general from what was, doubtless, a French trap. Also given new direction by Gahan, various other commanders were also on the march throughout the empire. Xaolaxamc and his army remet in Omaguaca in time for various French assassins to murder the aging general. At the same time other attempts were made on Gahan and other generals. Other news reached Xaolaxamc's successor there that the French were attacking on a broad front...

New French Empire: Maxmillian had prepared as best he could to launch his surprise offensive against the Incans. His assassins met with good luck, though efforts to foment a revolt in Quillaca failed miserably. While Lord Brand held a strong position in Chana and waited for an Incan attack, General Corwin with a passel of Lillean troops and mercenaries launched a hooking attack through Guarani into Mataco.

Guarani and Saone, weakly defended, easily fell to Corwin and he advanced eagerly into Mataco. There, however, he found the hastily regrouped Incan army poised to repel his attack. A confused battle ensued as each side blundered into the others line of advance and an entirely unplanned slaughterfest erupted around the crossroads town of Montbard. The battle of Montbard (March 1644) pitted 68.000 ill-led Incans (lets talk McClellan) against 26,000 well-led French under the command of Number Ten-Ox (a noted Nisei mercenary). Despite their atrocious leadership the sheer ferocity of the Incan Sun-Guards carried the day and demolished the French force. Sheer numbers of guns helped too. Lord Corwin and the Duc du'Lille were slain as well.

Maximillian was not pleased at this turn of events.

1645-1646 T159
True Incan Empire: Gahan's armies in the south fell back and regrouped, recieving a new commander as well, wintering under the high peaks of the Andes. Reorganised, they awaited the inevitable New French assault... and waited, and waited... Two Incan leaders sent to explore the Atacaman desert and make treaties with the tribes there met with horrible ends, staked out on ant hills with salt in their eyes. Gahan tittered a little when he heard this.

New French Empire: The New French also caught their breath, hoping that the Incans did not take the offensive and finish them off. This prayer was answered and peace settled over the southern lands, for a little while at least...

1647-1648 T160
True Incan Empire: Emperor Gahan, his worst fears realised, ordered a number of arrests of high ranking military officers. This quickly snowballed into mass arrests and then the inevitable beheadings and executions as a ring of coup plotters was uncovered. Gahan's dark suspicions were well founded it turned out and the heads of the traitors were delivered to the embassy of the Azteca.

On the southern front, great armies hurried down the Andean Highway to reinforce General Huara, encamped at Omaguaca...

New French Empire: Due to the sudden removal of certain "friendly intelligence assets" inside the Incan military hierarchy, a number of perfidious plots hatched by the New French ran aground when their contacts failed to show up. On the other hand new armies were raised and Number Ten-Ox a noted military commander was hired to aid and abet the fortunes of France.

The French in turn marched all of their available forces north to assail the army of General Huara before the rest of the Incan armies could come to his aid. At the same time the lords of Charrua, Chamonix and New France (well paid, doubtless, in Incan sols) repudiated their allegiance to the Medevilles and went indipendent.

The Incan Huara commanded an army of 25,000 men and he was more than a little startled to find that the New French had mustered a shining host of 45,000 men to crush him at last. Faced with such numbers he beat a wily retreat into the mountains of Quillaca, giving the new French the slip as they attempted to bring him to bay and final cataclysmic battle. The New French then huddled in counsel and decided that trying to force one of the Andean passes was a bit much to try right at the moment.

While they plotted, word came that an Incan fleet had landed a strong force at their capital of Varres in Minuane and the city was besieged. Number Ten-Ox and the dukes of Atuel and Montpelier were dispatched back to the capital with their forces to break the siege while the main army dug in in Omaguaca to await the inevitable Incan counter-attack.

They waited only past the spring thaw of 1648 and the entire Incan army swarmed down out of the high peaks to bring battle to them. Both armies desiring a final test of skills, the two hosts came to battle on the Jumaroto river in the northern plains of Omaguaca. Now the Incans numbered 52,000 men and the New French (having sent an army to relieve Varres) only 34,000. The New French, however, were in a strong posistion behind the river and the Incans were hard-pressed to make their initial assaults. The French repelled the attacks, but at such cost that they felt that they could not withstand another days battle. Under the cover of darkness they withdrew south, screened by their cavalry. The victorious Incan Lauron let them flee south, he turned his army aside and recaptured the ancient capital of Calchaqui and the better passes to the north, then he marched against Chana.

Meanwhile in the south, Number Ten-Ox had marched to relieve Varres with 12,000 men. Arriving at Varres they found 6,000 Incans besieging the city. The Incan commander, seeing that they were outnumbered, quickly reboarded their fleet and sailed off to lurk and wait for another day. Ten-Ox then hauled ass back north to Chana to reinforce Ra'don and the main army, which were under attack by the Incans. With Ten-Ox's troops the New French were able to field 26,000 men to defend Roniah against the 39,000 Incans. Again there was a stiff fight and the Incans prevailed, driving the New French back to Perigeux in Huarpe to regroup and lick their wounds.

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