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==What's New==
==What's New==
* Thomas' new book ~ [[:Category:In the Time of the Sixth Sun|In the Time of the Sixth Sun]] : '''[[SS:LOD | LAND OF THE DEAD]]''' is in stores now! ( [ amazon] | [ b&n] | [ abe] | [ signed] )
* The Chinese language rights for '''Oath of Empire''' : ''Shadow of Ararat'' (#1) and ''Gate of Fire'' (#2) have been purchased by [ Chongqing Publishing House]. And the process of translation is underway now!
* Thomas will be at NW Authorfest III at [ Powell's City of Books in Beaverton, OR.] on November 29th, 2009 from 4PM-6PM. He will sign your copies of his books, chat, and generally be available for questions.
* The paperback and hardback of ~ [[:Category:In the Time of the Sixth Sun|In the Time of the Sixth Sun]] : '''[[SS:LOD | LAND OF THE DEAD]]''' can be purchased from ( [ amazon] | [ b&n] | [ abe] | [ signed] )
* Thomas has added his author profile to [ GoodReads]. If you use that site, send him a friend invite!

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What's New


Oath of Empire

A massively epic historical-fantasy series from Tor Books, which includes:

Signed copies of some of Thomas' books can be purchased from the Store.

In the Time of the Sixth Sun

A science-fiction / archaeological-mystery/ space warfare epic, published by Tor Books, set in a far-future dominated by the Méxica (Aztec) Empire.


We lay no claim on having written the fabulous Dray Prescot series, but we love it so much we host a fan-wiki:


Lords of the Earth

This is also the home of Lords of the Earth, an incredibly addictive play-by-(e)mail strategy wargame. In 2003, Lords was nominated for an Origins/GAMA award as Best PBM Game of the Year.

Crusader Earth

A D20-system role-playing universe set on historical Earth in the 1100's, mostly centered in the Holy Land and Nabatea. Most of the components of this world have been published in DRAGON and DUNGEON magazines, published by Paizo Publishing.

Nihon-gi (Tales of Japan)

A historical-fantasy Micea-system game, Nihon-gi was set in Feudal Japan during the Warring States period in the AD 1700's.

The Rise of the Hûkun

Micea is a fantastic world populated by anthropomorphics (fuzzy animals that walk upright and have thumbs - yes damn you, thumbs!). The players were, at first, newly inducted members of the Seven Cities League Iron Legion. Later, after getting into a lot of trouble, they were wandering mercenaries.

Rimworld Ventures

This is an science-fiction game world set in the Babylon Five universe. The players were employees of the Rimworld Ventures corporation, an Earth-based xenoarchaeological concern with an office on the Babylon Five station.

Legends of the Past...

Since Tom's been doing this kind of gaming since junior high, he has many skeletons in the closet. Some of his previous games are summarized here.

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