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[[Image:BR cover small.PNG|right]][[Image:ME cover small.PNG|right]]'''Lords of the Earth''' (LOTE) is a play-by-mail game|play-by-email strategy game, first developed by [[User:THarlan|Thomas Harlan]] in 1983 to entertain and confound his friends. Most LOTE campaigns (and there are many) are set on Earth and in a historical context, or scenario.
In all of the campaigns, players control nations, religious orders or primacies, merchant houses or secret societies struggling to survive, expand and overthrow their enemies. Play is handled in turns, where the players submit orders to the [[Game Master]], then receive results in the form of a [[NewsFax|newsfax]] (newsletter) and a [[Status report|stat sheet]] (which describes their position after the results of the turn).
[http://lords.throneworld.com/ Lords of the Earth Home Page]

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