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An Age of Air and Steam

Campaign One

Lords of the Earth

Notes and Clarifications

As of 10/14/2006



For Everyone…

  1. University Support for Research Operations: Certain kinds of Leader actions and Intel operations (specifically those involving scientific research – botany, historical investigations, chemistry, and so on) can gain extra bonuses from the use of your University. For this purpose, your University Level acts as a set of Bonus Points which can be allocated to the appropriate Leader or Intel actions.
  2. Insufficient Funds: If you don’t have enough GP to pay for everything on your orders (a common problem now, because people haven’t been paying attention to item #5 below), I will make up the shortfall by reducing your Saved, and then working up your expenses from the bottom (investments) to the top (builds).
  3. Brilliant Commanders: Leaders with a Combat value of “C” (12) add +2 to the AP allotment of armies or fleets they command.
  4. Yard Capacity Costs for Units: I’ve updated the Unit Build Charts to include more Yard Costs for unit types… to summarize: all Ship units cost some Yard Cap, Engineers now cost 1 Yard Cap to build, and all Artillery costs at least 0.5 Yard Cap per unit.
  5. Transferring Gold, Agro and NFP: Sending resources to another nation by Leader or Trade Route now takes a turn to effect and goes into the other nation’s Saved. Essentially, you can now only spend what is on your stat sheet at the beginning of the turn, plus Bank Loans.
  6. Counter-Intel: When you issue a CI operation, you can differentiate it in three ways:
    1. (1) As a general CI, which will apply to every hostile operation directed against your nation, but the initial operation will be at a -2 modifier. (Ex. CI+0 : Whole nation )
    2. (2) As a CI directed against a designated type of hostile operation, which is the default. (Ex. CI+1: vs. Infiltrate Enemy)
    3. (3) As a CI directed against a specific hostile op, which gets you a +2 bonus to your CI. (Ex. CI+1: vs. IE-Intel Service)
  7. Leader Gold: If you send out a leader with some gold for bribes or whatever and they can’t spend it all, or don’t get where they’re supposed to go, the GP are now listed with the leader in the armies section. That GP can only be used by that leader thereafter unless they return to the Capital and turn it in to the treasury. Plus, they might just spend it…
  8. Famines and Importing Grain: Previously, if you started a turn in Famine, with a depressed tax rate, you could import grain from your trading partners and tax at the full rate for the current turn. This is no longer allowed. You can, of course, continue to import grain, but you must suffer the effects of Famine as they arise. The imported grain will offset any shortfall arising from the harvest calculated at the end of the turn, as per usual.
  9. Combined Intel/Assassin operations: If you attempt to get something done with more than one Intel or Assassin op, the results of all those ops combine to one final Success Effect number. So if you tried, for example, six Terrorist Attack ops and got some successes and some failures, all those plusses and minuses would be totaled to get your final effect number. Which might be less than if you just pitched in one Op with lots of bonus points behind it. Focus is a good thing.
  10. Riverine Traffic: Only “light” class ships can move up Rivers, not medium or heavy, or steam or diesel-powered (except for Torpedo Boats). This includes Transports assigned to inter-nation or inter-city trade. Exception! Medium and Heavy warships may pass through the Lower Nile/Nile Canal sea zone between Gulf of Cyprus and Red Sea and the Aztec Canal in Guayami between Gulf of Venezuela and Sea of Panama.
  11. The Aztec Canal Upgrade: To allow the passage of Steam/Diesel Heavy and Super-Heavy ships through the Aztec (Panama) Canal, it must be substantially upgraded to larger locks, deeper drafts in the channel bottoms and so on. This is a level three (3) Megalithic Project, during which time the Canal is closed to all traffic.
  12. The Suez Canal: As the Nile/ route cannot be upgraded to allow the passage of Steam/Diesel Heavy and Super-Heavy ships and above, the Suez Canal will have to be cut between Red Sea and Gulf of Cyprus. This remains a level 6 Megalithic Construct, but has the benefit of making Gulf of Cyprus and Red Sea adjacent sea zones (shortening all current trade routes through that junction by one, and not costing fleets an extra 1 AP to hook around through the Nile/Necho’s Canal seaway). A newly-built Suez Canal can carry all kinds of ship traffic.
  13. Action Effects: I’ve implemented a new Action module in the GM’s program, which calculates many modifiers, rolls the dice to do actions and automatically implements the results. As part of that, if you fail badly at a Status-creation action (diplomacy, creating a cultic site, etc.) your previous status in that location may degrade.
  14. Action AP Bonuses: A supplementary note to the new Action module. You get bonuses for spending extra AP in groups of 5 AP at a time. So spending 4 AP extra does not get you a bonus. You must explicitly note how many AP your leader is spending as a bonus to an action.
  15. Overreaching Projects: There is a new Modern Era supplement (V6). After reading it, you will note there are different TL requirements for advanced units than before. If you have an R&D project underway as of turn 215 that is out-of-reach TL-wise, you keep the project as is. Afterwards, if you have all of the project pre-requisites for an out-of-reach project, you can still attempt the project, though it will require two (2) extra Advances for each TL above your own.
  16. Tech Transfers are not allowed in Lords One. You can, however, invest in another nations’ Quality Ratings and get a bonus to the investment depending on their rating/your rating.

Mercantile Clarifications

Leader Types

Merchant Houses do not have Heir leaders, but they can have Prince-type leaders. When the leader of the House dies, the Princes’ contest each other for the succession (using their Charisma ratings).

Site Statuses

Merchant Houses can have Branch Office status in regions as well as cities.

Establishing Aerial Trade

Remember that Aerial Trade routes must be traced from the Merchant Home Office to the Capital of the target nation.

Establishing Cartel Trade

Under the latest Modern Era rules, if you wish to open a Cartel Trade route between two nations, you must have a Branch Office or better in each port-of-origin.

Example: The East India Company wishes to open cartel trade between the Austrian Empire (from the port of Trieste, which is in turn connected by land to the Austrian capital at Vienna) and the Empire of Cathay (to the port of Canton). Aside from having to have conduit cities between the Mediterranean and China, the Company would ALSO have to have a Branch Office in Trieste and one in Canton to open the Route.

Existing, non-compliant Cartel Trade routes will remain for three turns. On turn 222, they will be deleted. So get to work!

Establishing Monopolies

For a Merchant House to receive a Monopoly, they must have a Branch Office (or better) in the capital of the Nation granting the Monopoly.

Existing, non-compliant Monopolies will remain for three turns. On turn 222, they will be deleted.

System Rules in Effect

The system MAXTAX setting is in effect for Lords One, which caps the maximum amount of gold which can be gotten out of a region or city by those entities sharing the location. The current setting is 1.5.

City Spacer Codes

Trying to get the city spacer codes normalized, I’ve expanded that field to three (3) characters, and instituted a new set of standard codes. The codes are formatted along the following pattern:


Table 1 1. Base City Types

Type Base Code Notes
Capital C
Road R Must be connected to the capital by Royal Road.
Railroad T Must be connected to the capital by Railroad.
Port City P
Silk Route S Silk Route must be “working”. Overriden by Road or Railroad.
University U Only if the University is not in the Capital.
Holy City H

Table 1 2. Meta-City Types

Meta-Type Code
Road and Port  %
Road and Railroad =
Road, Railroad and Port #
Silk-Route and Holy City  !
Holy City and University *

Table 1 3. Master City Type List

Description Code Agro ITV Road? Port? +RV
Normal / 1.0 0.5 No No +0
Capital C 1.0 1.25 No No +1
Road R 1.0 1.0 Yes No +0
Railroad T 1.0 1.5 Yes No +0
Port City P 0.8 1.5 No Yes +1
Silk Route S 1.0 1.0 No No +0
University U 1.0 0.75 No No +1
Holy City H 1.2 0.75 No No +1
Road, Port  % 0.8 1.5 Yes Yes +1
Road, Railroad = 0.8 1.5 Yes No +0
Road, Railroad, Port # 0.8 1.5 Yes Yes +1
Railroad, Port + 0.8 1.5 Yes Yes +1
Silk-Route, Holy City  ! 1.2 1.0 No No +1
Holy City, University * 1.2 0.75 No No +2
Capital, Road CR 1.0 1.25 Yes No +1
Capital, Port CP 0.8 1.5 No Yes +2
Capital, Railroad CT 0.8 1.5 Yes No +1
Capital, Road, Port C% 0.8 1.5 Yes Yes +2
Capital, Road, Railroad C= 0.8 1.5 Yes No +1
Capital, Road, Railroad, Port C# 0.8 1.5 Yes Yes +2
Capital, Railroad, Port C+ 0.8 1.5 Yes Yes +2
Capital, Silk-Route, Holy City C! 1.0 1.25 No No +2
Capital, Holy City CH 1.2 1.25 No No +2
Holy City, Road RH 1.2 1.0 Yes No +1
Holy City, Railroad TH 1.0 1.5 Yes No +1
Holy City, Port PH 1.0 1.5 No Yes +1
Holy City, Road, Port  %H 1.2 1.5 Yes Yes +2
Holy City, Road, Railroad =H 1.0 1.5 Yes No +1
Holy City, Road, Railroad, Port #H 1.0 1.5 Yes Yes +2
Holy City, University, Road, Port +H 1.0 1.5 Yes Yes +3
Holy City, University, Road, Railroad =* 1.0 1.5 Yes No +2
Holy City, University, Road, Railroad, Port #* 1.0 1.5 Yes Yes +3
Holy City, University, Railroad, Port +* 1.0 1.5 Yes Yes +3
Capital, Holy City, Road, Port C%H 1.0 1.5 Yes Yes +2
Capital, Holy City, Road, Railroad C=H 1.0 1.5 Yes No +2
Capital, Holy City, Road, Railroad, Port C#H 1.0 1.5 Yes Yes +3
Road, University RU 1.0 1.0 Yes No +1
Railroad, University TU 0.8 1.5 Yes No +1
Port City, University PU 0.8 1.5 No Yes +1
Silk Route, University SU 1.0 1.0 No No +1
Capital, Silk Route CS 1.0 1.25 No No +1
Port City, Silk Route PS 0.8 1.5 No Yes +1

Note! The ITV multiplier for Port Cities had previously been 2.0, which was incorrect. Your ITV, therefore, will drop as a result of this change.

Filling out your Orders

Some notes about filling out your orders (to make the GM’s life easier, which is a good thing for everyone!):

  1. Let’s not forget to include your Nation Name, Player Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address on the top of your orders either…
  2. If you’re using a spreadsheet or the Office2000 form, leave any Investment fields which are zero empty. This makes it much, much easier for me to see what you’re investing in (or not). If you’re using a spreadsheet format, suppress zeros.
  3. After you’ve finished your orders, try printing them out (and fix any problems which then arise). I print out all your orders, so making sure they print and look OK and aren’t filled with extra blank pages, etc. is very helpful to me. This particularly applies to those of you submitting spreadsheets to me. Usually I have to reformat them so they print ok.
  4. When you email your orders to me, please set the Subject line of the email to read like so: <Campaign>, <Turn Number>, <Nation Name>, So Ming China’s subject line would be: Lords One, Turn 216, Qing China. So simple, so easy… why doesn’t everyone do it?
  5. When listing Projects, put them in Project ID order.
  6. When cooperating on a project with another nation (particularly for you Merchant Houses), the nation with the Project on their stat sheet is responsible for reporting all investments in that project (Gp, Nfp, Yard, Engineers, Recruitment) regardless of where the resources come from. That’s why there is a Project detail listing…
  7. When listing Intel and Assassin actions, put them in order and together, Intel first, then Assassin. Please use the codes from the rulebook. (example… Reveal Fact (RF) instead of Reveal Secret (RS). Also, please allocate all of your operations points to something, otherwise the GM will allocate the extras as he sees fit.
  8. List your Leader actions in Leader Number order too!

Filling out the Excel Orders Form

  1. Units should be represented as they appear on the stat sheet. So "5s" instead of "S" in one column and then "5" in another column. Also, if you're building a unit for someone else (as an export) put the designated country in the next column over. That first column of builds should be just #'s of units and codes if possible.
  2. When specifying an Army, just give the final Army Number the units wind up with.
  3. When specifying a Demobilization, separate out the units by Army per row, with a - in front of each unit type. So if you want to remove 4w,6ht,2ei from army number #6 put: "-4w,-6ht,-2ei" and "6" in the army column.
  4. When building a single unit, put it as "1(sca)" rather than "(sca)".
  5. Don't represent Projects on the Builds section and vice-versa.
  1. Each transfer requires a Trade Route No. in the Via field, or a note saying "Leader".

Playing Under An Alias

The GM has no problem with you playing under an alias. Alias email accounts, in fact, can be provided on the throneworld.com server, but you are not allowed to misrepresent yourself to the GM! If you do, you will lose your position and be ejected from the game. Any positive credit will be returned. End of story.

Also, please include your full address, phone number and an up-to-date email address with your orders.

Maps, The Ice and Dust

The Burning Sea

The Huangzu Wan and sea hex 39H are impassible to shipping until further notice. Due to the vast amounts of wreckage, mud and general destruction the Grand Canal is closed and useless for trade, shipping and other movement. (Dredging the Grand Canal will be a level 1 project.)

As of T211, the Lower Yangtze is open, though the Burning Sea is still impassible.

Mare Maleficium

Similarly, the Adriatic Sea is impassible to shipping – tormented as it is by whirlpools, burning tornadoes, waterspouts and strange, vicious currents. Large sections are also boiling due to asteroid debris cooking on the sea floor.

The Nile (Necho’s) Canal

This waterway (which goes from Gulf of Cyprus, down the Nile, then across to Red Sea, counts as one (1) Sea Zone for tracing trade routes. This waterway directly connects Gulf of Cyprus to the Red Sea.

Official Map Changes

  • The Minch is now a sea-hex (also known as 22C, and a regular sea zone) and the whole area around the Irish Sea is cleaned up. Freya Bank and sea-hex 23C are also merged.
  • The forested area just east of Amur in northern Manchuria is now Khargu.
  • The regions of Chucul and Pampas in South America are now combined into just Chucul.
  • The region of Carmania (southeastern Iran) is Hostile Desert, not Wilderness.
  • The southern edge of the Celtic Sea is moved up to the tip of Cornwall, making the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay adjacent.
  • The Asiatic province of Kur, on the Amur river, is Kurshin instead.
  • The Burmese-area province of Shan is now Wuliang, instead.

The Dust

Due to the asteroid impacts at Olathöe (in Artic Canada), the China Sea and Venice, global harvests are depressed due to ferocious winters and disrupted weather patterns. The base Current rate of reduction is 20% (giving a base Harvest Adjustment of 80%) world-wide, as upper atmosphere winds have distributed the dust everywhere.

The Ice

By the end of turn 214, the Ice started to withdraw again, as the impact dust began to settle out of the upper atmosphere.

  • The Type-1 mountain ranges on the Western North America and Eastern North America maps, north of the rough line made by (from west to east) Yurok, Patwin, Yahuskin, Paviotso, Ko’aga, Bohogue, Bannock and Shoshoni are considered to be Type-2 mountains. All Type-2 mountains north of that line are considered impassible, save where a Royal Road already crosses the mountains.
  • The Type-1 mountain ranges on the Eurasian maps are now considered type-2 mountain ranges if the mountains are north of the line made by the provinces of Bohemia and Urkel.
  • These lakes: Lake Bykal, Lake Balkash, and Lake Lagoda are now (0/0 Tundra) regions as they have frozen over.
  • The sea zones (from east to west) of Zaliv Shelikova, Tatskaya Guba, Kolisky Zauv, White Sea, Arctic Ocean, Norwegian Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and The Pelbar Canal are choked with permanent pack ice and are impassible to ships. They can, however, be crossed by Elite or Light-class land units, counting as Mountain regions for movement.
  • The Upper Great Snake and St. Lawrence Rivers are frozen solid and can be used as royal roads.
  • In North America the Ice covers these provinces (and the areas north of same): Katlik, Yukon, Kaiyuh, Chandalar, Eagle Han, Hutchin, Satudene, Nahani, Tatlatu, Punchaw, Kakwa, Kinaskit, Naskup, Sarsi, Blackfoot, Sioux, Atsina, Assinboin, Minnewaska, Santee, Iowa, Croix, Fox, Noquet, Tobacco, Cayuga, Wyandot, Algonkin, Sokoki, Wawenok, Abenaki.
  • In Europe and Asia, the boundary of the Ice is: Hergelad, Trondelag, Kopparborg, Uppsala, Jamtland, Vaasa, Mikkeli, Sviria, Yaroslav, Kalinin, Tver, Muscovy, Seversk, Mordva, Suvar, Volga Bulgar, Rezh, Tavda, Kazan, Ob, Otrar, Scythia, Avar, Balkash, Betpak, Osman, Chuguchak, Wusu, Altai, Zaysan,Ulan-Kum, Ugria, Turkestan, Hovsgol, Mongol, Dzungur Plateau, Ochosk.
  • All provinces north of (and including) this line of provinces are now (0/0) Tundra regions.


Turns are currently two (2) years long.

  • Infantry (200 men = 1 point)
  • Cavalry (200 men = 1 point)
  • Siege Engineers (200 men = 1 point)
  • Sail Warships (2 ships = 1 point)
  • Steam Warships (1 ship = 1 point)
  • Transports (2 ships = 1 point)
  • Artillery (5 guns = 1 point)
  • Zeppelin (2 airships = 1 point)

Rough Military Organization:

  • An infantry battalion is 800 men (4 points)
  • A regiment is three battalions, or 2,400 men (12 points)
  • A division is three regiments, or 7,600 men (38 points)
  • A full-strength corps is three divisions, or 23,000 men (115 points).

Lords One Web Resources!

The Lords One homepage is at:


All of the on-line resources, including mailing lists and web-sites, for Lords of the Earth are summarized on this page:


You can subscribe to the Lords One mailing list by pointing your web-browser at:


…and following the instructions on that page.

Contacting the GM

Thomas Harlan
1270 Fir Street South
Salem, OR 97302


Various Fees and Levies

Turns: $5.00 per turn. (payments accepted by US check, PayPal and US or Canadian postal money order).

Maps: http://lords.throneworld.com/lordsone/maps.html

Base Rulebook, Modern Era Supplement


Religious Interactions

Table 5 1. Religious Interactions

RC - T T T H H H H H T H T T H H T T H T H H H
EO T - T T H H H H H T T T T H H T T H T T H T
CP T T - T H T H H H T T T T H H T T H T T H T
NC H H T - T H H H H T T T T T T T T H T T H T
HC H H H H - H H H H T H T H H H T H H H H H H
JD H H T T H - T T H T T T T T T T H H H T H T
SH H H H H H T - H H H H H T H H T T H T H H T
SN H H H H H T H - H H H H T H H T T H T H H T
HI H H H H H H H H - H H H H H H H H H H H H H
BH H T T T H T H H H - H H T T H T T H T T H T
HN H H H T H H H H H H T - T T T T T H T T H T
OP H H H T H H H H H T T T - H H T T H T T T T
EP H H H H H T H H H T H T T - H T T H T T T H
AP H H H T H H H H H T T T T H - T T H T T T H
NA H H T T H T H H H T T T T T T T - H H T H T
MA H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H - T H T H
SA H H T T H H H H H T T T T T T T H H - T H T
ST H T T H H H H H H T T T T T T T T H T - H T
ZO H T T T T T H T H T T T T T T T T H T T H -


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Lords of the Earth, 6th Edition © 2010 Thomas Harlan
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

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