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Beneath the lands there lies a realm great and mysterious. It does not reach into every region by any means but the threat of it lingers for all surface dwellers. The UnderWorld does not have the same terrain, animals, nor vegetation as the world above. Flat ground, easy travel, and even light are commodities. Winding tunnels be they natural or otherewise can lead the unknowing for months when a straight line delved through would take but a few days.

Sea Zones

Will be updated April 09, effect:

Indeed the Seas now have bounty to be had. Not only travel, but Gold and and added Agro production. People flock along the water for a reason. It's easier to survive when food and a way of life is plentiful.

For game purposes the zone will cost less to control for Imperial Size but provide many of the same things.

Status: SZE - Sea Zone Explored SZS - Your nation and one other share the waters splitting the resources. SZW - Territorial Waters you get full GP, Agro from this body of water.

Difficulty (Resistance Value)

As with a land region the 2nd number displayed is the difficulty to Explore and Control the Sea Zone.

Hostile Sea Zones

An 'H' still means Hostile Sea zone but there are instances where a nation can have continued extensive charts of the waters making it a normal sea zone for their purposes.

Trade Center

A 'T' also indicates that the waters are especially bountiful. Some form of exploitable resources thrives in this zone which you can take advantage of.

Requirements for control

Anyone can explore a sea zone. To actually have some further level of control however the nation must have a port upon the waters. That limits those who can influence offshore waters.

The second requirement is the basing of units upon those waters equal to the Resistance Value of the region plus 1 for each city that is present. If a new port is constructed you must increase the patrolling fleet by 1 or you lose control.

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Campaign: 51 Siri - Age of Awakenings
Alternative Campaign Setting

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