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Most nations possess a capability to engage in magical activities. They have various folk capable of creating effects described best by the general use of Magic.

These capabilities, which may of course be expanded and upgraded, are represented by the national Magic Stats:

Magic Operations Capacity (MO), Magic Operations Bonus (MB)

Magic Leader Rating (mLR), Magic Construction Rating (mCR), Magic Battle Rating (mBR), Magic Portal Rating (mPR), Magic Weather Rating (mWR), Minor Magic Rating (mMR)


This particular Magic system is based on the impact of the operations upon LOTE game mechanics. A good simple foundation is the objective.

The capacity of your nation to perform various acts using the magic of its people. Each race may have its own unique way of going about a certain task but at the end of the day they still accomplish pretty much the same thing. In Lords 51 the more specific and local an action the easier it is for your nations Magic Ops (mo) to assist.

The Magic Ops (mo) is like the building block upon which you can expand into other areas. You can attempt any sort of spell you would like. Its success, failure and effectiveness however are up to the QR's or lack of.

Leader & Shadow Rating

Leaders stat +, + to Espionage Bonus's, Leader protection

Augment Leader (target skill)

Protect Leader

Augment Intel Operations

Augment Assassin Operations

Construction Rating

City - Regional PW's, Cities, Fortresses, MC's, Buildings, WP's, Bridges

Augment Civics (target) -

Difficulty Level

City PW's

Wall Points, Field Forts

Specialist Buildings

Regional PW's

Fortresses, Cities

Megolithic Construction

Battle & Army Rating

Bless, Augment Forces, Morale, Movement, Raise Troops

Portal Rating

Crystal Ball, Teleport, Gate, Scry, Rock Speach, Distance Drumming

Minor Magic Rating

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Campaign: 51 Siri - Age of Awakenings
Alternative Campaign Setting

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