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Welcome to Lords of the Earth, Campaign 51. This Campaign combines the cornerstone elements of Lords of the Earth as well as my own 20 years experience with Science Fiction and RPG's. Where possible in the Rulebook I will make an effort to reduce the size and complexity as much as possible.

Features Include:

  • Racial Variation.
  • Alternative tested Combat System.
  • Advancement of AQR's allows production of new units.
  • Magic.
  • UnderWorld Map & Rules.
  • Sea Zone control status and exploration.
  • Open Nation initially. Secret Empires, Orders, and Merchant Combines possible later on.
  • Detailed Campaign Cartographer Vector Map.
  • Fog of War element.

How the Game Is Played

The basic sequence in Lords of the Earth Campaign 51 is fairly simple.

  • Each player submits a set or orders for their nation.
  • The GM then resolves the actions and gets the most current information out to the players.
  • Based upon the information from the Stats Sheet and current events a new set or orders is sent in starting the cycle over.

A Note About Rule Implementation

This rulebook presents the basic rules for Lords of the Earth campaign 51. However, each player must be aware that their Game Master (in any campaign) may add, subtract or even interpret these rules differently from any other Game Master. This is their prerogative and right. Your Game Master will however, inform you of any changes or interpretations that have been made to the basic rules. In this campaign the entire rulebook was adjusted so there are a number of variations.

Payment And Credit

Payment is not required to play in the Lords 51 campaign at this time. At some future point it may revert back to a more normal system for for now it is a Donation Based System. There are several things in the game which cost upkeep. The server and mapping software just to name two examples. The players can choose to send in funds based on the quality of the campaign and their own available funding. It is not a requirement to turn in orders. As a player however there is an attention expectation. Should two sets of orders fail to come in, the position will likely be filled by another player. Periodically on the Lords 51 Mailing List a particular piece of software or service may be brought up that requires some help in funding.

The Progression Of A Turn

April 2016 Note - The way a turn progresses will be modified based on new available technologies. April 2009 Note - My Lords Server is not up so the Newsfax, Map and Stat Sheet are sent via email.

At the beginning of each turn the players consult their My Lords information. The Map, Newsfax, Charts, and Turn Sheets are shown. These sheets as in any other LOTE game display how much money and manpower (Gold Points and National Force respectively) their tax collectors have squeezed out of the populace during the previous turn. The player must then decide how to allocate these assets to various projects and plans during the turn. These can be committed to building new cities, expanding old ones, building or extending roads, raising armies, improving the lot of the people, and many other activities. The player then decides what orders to issue to their various leaders. The commanders may defend the realm or carry the brand of war against their neighbors, gaining the realm more land, people and gold in taxes or loot. So, too, can leaders be sent to negotiate with the neighboring princes and petty lords to try and get them to ally themselves with the player's nation, thus expanding their influence and power. Once all of this is clearly laid out on the order form, the players sends these orders to the GM. The GM then collates, consolidates and resolves the actions. During this process the Newsfax is written, the map updated and finally the My Lords program is run to create each individual players information.

Glossary Of Terms

A large number of acronyms and terms are used in Lords of the Earth and in this rulebook. To make it easier for the new player to assimilate them, some of these terms are listed here, with short descriptions of their use and meaning. A few of these are campaign specific to Lords 51, if so the term usually refers to the My Lords system.

  • Action Points (AP): The measure of both the capability of a leader to perform actions and the cost of attempting those actions.
  • Actions: the codification of possible activities that your leaders can attempt in a turn.
  • Agro: a measure of edible foodstuffs produced or consumed by your nation in the course of a turn.
  • Bureaucratic Level (BL): a measure of the effectiveness and sophistication of your government. This rating also controls the number of leaders that your nation can generate.
  • Cargo Points: a measure of the capacity of a ship to carry cargo and the cost against that capacity of things to be carried.
  • Civil War: the state of hostilities resulting from the split of a nation's leadership into one or more factions. Often the result of a Dynastic Failure.
  • Control Radius (CCR): a measure of the maximum geographic distance that your government can administer from the capital. This is in terms of regions. It is based upon your Bureaucratic Level, any Specialists Leaders you may have, and the Administrative capability of your National Leader (typically a King)
  • Dynastic Failure (DF): the unfortunate series of events that can transpire when the ruler of a nation dies and without a clear successor to their position. Often the precursor to a Civil War.
  • Game Master (GM): the moderator of the campaign. This hapless fellow gets the thankless job of consolidating player orders, processing the turn, answering a lot of questions and getting results out.
  • Gold Point Value (GPv): the worth of a region or city in terms of Gold Points.
  • Gold Points (GP): the basic monetary unit of the game, produced by taxation of controlled regions, cities, and from trade with other nations
  • Infrastructure (Infra): a measure of the capacity of your national government to rule provinces and cities. The higher it is, the more provinces and cities that can be governed effectively.
  • Intel Ratings: the capability of your nation to undertake various covert activities like gathering information about your surroundings and attempting to murder enemy commanders.
  • Leaders: the various personages that serve as your representatives in the game world. You have at least a Ruler figure that directly represents your will. There may also be various Princes, Lieutenants, Allies, and Specialists that work your will and carry out your orders.
  • Lords of the Earth (LOTE): the short name for the game in general.
  • Military Strength Index (MSI): the measure of a nations mobile forces, leaders combat abilities and fortifications. Displayed on both the Stat Sheet and in My Lords
  • My Lords: the interactive player control panel specialized to each position in the game. It is Internet based and has a unique username and passcode.
  • Nation: the country that you rule. Described by a large number of descriptive elements like Racial and Economic type, the Nation may comprise one or more provinces.
  • National Force Points (NFP): a representation of the manpower available to the nation for building armies, colonizing regions and raising cities.
  • National Revenue Rating (NRR): a measure of a nations economy compared to the other nations within the game. Used in the My Lords program
  • Newsfax: a newsletter produced each turn by the GM that describes the public events that have occurred to each nation in the progress of the most recent turn.
  • Quality Rating (QR): a measure, on a scale of 0 (worse) on up of the level of advancement of your military. QR's exist for each kind of unit that you can build in your military.
  • Region: a geographic area used to control movement of armies and leaders across the planet.
  • Status report (the Stat Sheet): description of the current state of your nation, its tax revenues, armies, regions, leaders, and other attributes.

The Age Of Awakenings And Beyond

This rulebook is definitely not identical to that of a standard LOTE campaign. There is no historical Renaissance Era Period. If you and your GM manage to hold on, your nations could eventually develop to the point where an entirely new Age comes about. Perhaps The Age of Chaos or The Rift Age, who can tell.

LOTE Symbol Small.JPG

Campaign: 51 Siri - Age of Awakenings
Alternative Campaign Setting

Lords of the Earth 5th Edition, version 5.5 © 1997 Thomas Harlan (Original)
© 2005 JJ Martell (Modified for Lords51)

All rights reserved. Permission was given to modify the content for Lords51. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.
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