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Campaign: 51 Siri - Age of Awakenings
Alternative Campaign Setting

Lords of the Earth 5th Edition, version 5.5 © 1997 Thomas Harlan (Original)
© 2005 JJ Martell (Modified for Lords51)

All rights reserved. Permission was given to modify the content for Lords51. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.
For current materials and LOTE rulebook contact Thomas Harlan or visit the Living Rules

February 2017 Update. Have worked on the wiki for a few years. The Living Rules for Lords 51 are shaping up. Work continues with xStats and other information to get the campaign prepared for play. I know its been years for those that have hung in there with me. Many thanks. Some of the links lead directly to the Basic Rules. As modifications are made every effort will be made to note this where needed. An entire Lords51 Rules Wiki will be up. Many thanks to Thomas Harlan for allowing me to follow through with this and for Martin Helsdon for helping me.
Additionally the way information for Lords51 will be delivered is under consideration along with new mapping technologies.

Original Game Design: Thomas Harlan
Version 5.5 Rulebook written by: Thomas Harlan
Version 5.5 Rulebook edited by: David Nardone, Colin Dunnigan and Mardelle Kunz
Systems Development by: Rob Pierce, Thad Plate, Colin Dunnigan, Mike Stafford, Arthur Addleman, Kerry Harrison, Ben Vincent, Eddie Efsin
Playtesting: A cast of thousands!

Adjusted Game Design: JJ Martell
Lords 51 Version 1.0 written by: JJ Martell
My Lords Development by: Rob Hanson
Thanks all!
Lords of the Earth on the Internet
The main Lords of the Earth site can be found at:
Lords of the Earth Main Page
The Lords of the Earth mailing list can be joined by going to:
Lords of the Earth e-group
…and filling out the appropriate information.
The Lords 51 website can be found at:
Lords51 Main Page
The Lords 51 mailing list can be joined by going to:
Lords51 e-group
Both of the mailing lists require a membership to Yahoo Groups.
GM Email address: jnmj@dwave.net

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