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The Krozairs are members of semi-secret religious military Orders of chivalry dedicated to the service of Zair in the Eye of the World of Turismond.

Membership is attained only after long and arduous training in the Disciplines.

There are at least three Orders of Krozairs:

  • The Krozairs of Zy.
  • The Krozairs of Zamu.
  • The Krozairs of Zimuzz

These orders are named after the place of their headquarters. Other chivalric orders exist within Zairia which are similar but do not merit the title Krozair, such as the Red Brethren of Lizz.

The Order of the Krozairs of Zy is divided into a hierarchy:

  • The Archbold - the head of the Krozairs of Zy is known as the Grand Archbold.
  • The Bolds serving in the fortresses of the Order.
  • Other members of the Order, who are granted the right to use the prefix Pur, often serving various Zairan kings in the wars against the Grodnim of the north coast, especially on swifters in the Inner Sea.
  • The Zimen.

While Prescot is never inducted into any other order and is therefore not privy to their secrets, it is likely that other orders of Krozairs have similar structures.

All Krozairs of Zy are expected to answer the Azhurad or be declared Apushniad.

The unique weapon of the Krozairs is the longsword, which has an almost spiritual significance; should a member of the Order be sentenced as Apushniad, then his sword is smashed with the Hammer of Retribution .

A short form of Krozair of Zy (KRZY) is sometimes used, particularly as initials after the name of a member, much like initials representing British orders of Knighthood.

To be a KRZY is to stand apart from ordinary men.

The other Orders of Krozairs use similar shortforms:

An Interview with Ken Bulmer as Alan Burt Akers: 1998 - Part One

By Mike Sutton
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England[1]
Evening 99/09/23 Interview

SP: Where did Kregish originate?

HKB: Most of the Kregish words popped out of my subconscious. There was no formal language research, to speak of. If I forced a word, it just did not work. Sometimes it was serendipity. Krozair was a play on Corsair, and it worked out wonderfully with the God, Zair.

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