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Khaid skull: side view
  • A feudal, predatory race by nature, the Khaiden are wary hunters. They are humanoid raiders and pirates, descended from omnivore predators.
  • Khaid have one pair of forward facing eyes, higher on the skull than the human norm. They are taller and leaner than the average human, with a stringy black, gray or russet pelt. In appearance they look something like an upright hyena or jackal which evolved in a prairie/high-grass landscape.
  • The Khaid prefer a brighter white light than humans.
  • Khaid blood is blue-black in color.
  • Khaid space is close to the Imperial Rim.
  • The Khaiden are divided into numerous struggling factions, which unite under a powerful leader, with all the Clan Lords (or Kabil Rezei in their most common tongue) awaiting the opportunity to replace him. Khaid clan-fleets will hire themselves out as mercenaries - if paid well enough, or if the loot in the offing is rich enough.
  • Khaid battlecruisers are powerful and the equal of IMN ships. A favored weapon is the Khaid penetrator missile.
  • The home worlds of the Khaiden were severely damaged by the war against the Insects who ruled them; thus they are operating from a greatly reduced population base. Most of their population lives in domed cities, or in orbital stations and mining colonies of various kinds. They are dire enemies of the Krygnth and Megair (other remnant Hive Invaders races nearby human space) against whom they will show no quarter.
  • The Khaid still utilize some of the insectoid-biotech.
  • Khaid equipment (such as personal battle-armor) often has insectile flourishes such as carapaces as a left-over influence from when they were slaves of the Beetle God. Their z-suits have black-and-green fittings.
  • The Khaiden script is tight and blocky.


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