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Jendu's Mission to the Papacy (T178-T184)

T178, The Church Spiritual
The guardsmen on the sea-watch were surprised to sight a ship of odd design approaching the great sea-wall and gate of the harbor of St. Michael's. When the ship came to the barrier, a longboat was sent out to it to query its business. The silk-garbed captain was quick to identify his dragon-ship as bearing the emissary of the Master of the Pure Realm, one Jendu. When the chaplain of the watch learned of this, the Korean ship was drawn by longboats into the third circle of the harbor and given a heavily guarded landing slip. The crew were hustled away, while the priest Jendu was rushed to the palaces of the Pontiff, there to seek an audience at the earliest convenience.

T179, The Church Spiritual
Jendu, trusted emissary to Great Master Fo, of the Pure Realm, was warmly greeted by His Holiness Innocent the IXth. Jendu brought messages of friendship from the Pure Realm that appeared to surprise his Holiness, yet were received in a manner appropriate to the circumstances.

While allowed to freely visit the common market area of the Holy City, Jendu was quite vocal at his displeasure of the 12 man Templar guard escort that followed him and Bishop Roberto-Clemente everywhere they went.

"I am Jendu! Advisor and trusted emissary of the Great Master Fo! I will not be shepherded as a common animal while I visit your fine city!" he intoned.

"Surely you realize sir, that the intent of his Holiness is not to restrict your movements, but simply to protect you during your stay with us" responded the Bishop, eyes cast humbly downward as he finished his statement.

"I care not YOUR desire for my safety Bishop! I have fought in many wars and seen much death. I fear not my own." said Jendu.

"Possibly on visit," smiled the Bishop, "you will be permitted to walk freely. But not at this time".

"Very well, but I do so wish to see the wonders you have so carefully...guarded behind the walls in the pier area" said Jendu. His eyes burned with an unnatural intensity as he voiced these thoughts.

Hesitantly, the Bishop replied. "In due and all the hemisphere will be made aware of the wonder that lay behind the walls of the pier. Soon."

Jendu left with simple gifts for his master, as well as a personal scroll from Pope Innocent the IXth to Great Master Fo. Bound with the Papal wax seal, the contents of the message were stated in public news areas of the city as simply the official recognition of The Pure Realm.

T179, Kingdom of Spain
The party ( numbering four ) of the eastern priest Jendu stopped in Andalusia on its way back to the mysterious east and acquired a large number of crates of grape graftings and seeds from the merchants in the zocalo of Seville.

T179, Emirate of Lybia
The eastern priest, Jendu, tarried awhile in St.George the Defender, taking his ease in the Cafe Iroquaine. After many discussions with the proprietor, the monks left, with three new members. The Cafe closed its doors as they left and did not reopen. Some time afterwards, a Falcone ship docked at the free city of Oran and Jendu and his group (now numbering seven ) debarked. After touring the city, Jendu was heard to remark "what a religious mess you folks have! Sorry, did not ean to rub it in, Rabbi Mazoltoff." The cargoes of seeds, graftings and saplings were now increased with a good selection of olive trees.

T179, Duchy of the Isles
The monk Jendu and his party of eight fellow travellers were forced to make landfall in Groza due to the destruction of their ship, the Achille Lauro ( of Georgian registry ). Sir Lancaster, who had been with them aboard the ship, was lost at sea, though one of the others aboard now decided to continue on to the east with them.

T179, Sultanate of Syria
The monk Jendu and his party of eight fellows toured the Dome of the Rock and the other holy sanctuaries in Jerusalem - though in close disguise, for Buddists were not welcome in the newly rebuilt city. Jendu prayed at the tomb of the Sepulchre for four days, seeking forgiveness for the sins that Buddist troops had committed on such soil. Some interaction was also had with the english Baron Heston, who was causing trouble amongst the city populace with his diatribes and long-winded oratory. A long camel trek was then undertaken down the fringe of the dry Jordan and into Sinai. There, the party visited the monastary of St.Gregory and viewed the mosaics of Moses and the Exodus. "Say," muttered Jendu to himself, "this fellow looks a lot like that street preacher back in El'Khudz..."

T179, Free Republic of Ethiopia
A group of ten travellers with a very large cargo of crates, boxes, rugs and wine-jugs, debarked from a House of Tewfik galleon in Adulis and took in the sights. A great quantity of the local wine was consumed, particularly by the priest Jendu, who was shepherding a large heavy box - "that Heston guy was so rude! Talk about a Moses complex. He wantedme to buy this Ark thing to keep it out of the hands of Alamut. I finally had to buy the damnable thing to get him off of the boat. I should have written a complaint to the Syrian authorities about him... Hey, Mazoltoff, you and Ash put that stupid book away, you keep stirring up the weather with it and I'll hafta smack youse guys."

T179, Kingdom of Maasai
A scuffle at the port of Mersa Fatma in Danakil, and the concomittant destruction of the AEIC lighter "Weasel", led to the temporary incarceration of a group of thirteen Buddist monks. Apparently the leader of the band, one Jendu, had been unable to contain the natural exuberance of some of the priests - "Brian, you and Colin beat those two if they so much as look funny at my cabin. And if that Kurgan, Otter and Bear don't start paying their way, Rick and I are going to have to make a rug out of them!"

T179, Persian Empire
An arrangement with Masai officials led to the uneventful transshipment of the priest Jendu and his fourteen disciples, also known as the Jendu Fantasy Menagerie and Travelling Mexicateria With All Luggage Carried By Otter-friend and that Faber Guy, from the Afriqan city of Tuamorotu to a Persian timber-hauler headed east for Indian waters.

T180, Javan Empire
The previous intimation of zenball was now realised with the arrival of a full-fledged Pure Realm embassy to the court of the Sea Spear. One Jendu, who had previously made such an extensive voyage, now found himself in quarters nearby to the Persian ambassador and engaged in lengthly discussions with the Javan priests of Oro. At first these efforts were largely limited to shouting matches and pushing and shoving, but in time a more moderate discourse was achieved. Wili did present Jendu with one of the famous Javan "gongs of peace", which is a massive (3 meter) brass gong with crossed zenball bats over the raised representation of a zenball.

T184, Kingdom of Prester John
The trade-town of Maclan lies in the shadow of the Karlik Shan, its houses and temples a low sprawl of white-washed two and three storey buildings in the dry curve of the Humul river. A thin winter sun glittered down on the icy rime in the eaves of the town as a Korean merchant named Roh slipped out of the eastern gate at first light. His breath came in misty puffs as he and his fellows struggled to mount their camels. Roh turned to look back in sadness as the bactrians lurched up and ambled south along the trail to Humul Gol; behind them, buried in a secret grave, lay the body of Jendu, who had done much good service for the order. Lying secure in one of Roh's saddle-bags rode an ancient case of corroded metal.

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