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Foundation: 1663-date (T168-date)

  • Singhasari in Kediri 1767-date
  • Sunda in Pajajaran ????-1767

Religion: Oroist (Oceanic Pagan)

By Rob Pierce, updated by Martin Helsdon


The Javan Empire is, ultimately, the result of a bloody civil war that broke out in the Kingdom of Sarawak in 1663 (T168). Though the rebellious cabal won control of the home islands, the loyalists gathered in Annam and declared Altin Hepakur, one of few surviving loyalist leaders, king of an independent Viet Annam. Attacks from Sarawak, the Ming, the Khemer, the Japanese, and the Monster Island pirates proved to Altin that his reign in Annam was tenuous at best. So, Altin gathered his people, abandoned Viet Annam and invaded the weakened Kingdom of Sarawak in 1674 (T173) capturing Sunda, the Sarawak capital, with ease. The fleeing nobility were replaced with Altin colonists and loyalists, and the country was renamed the Javan Empire. What little remained of the Sarawak rebellion surrendered to the Khemer the following turn (T174).

(Events since T174 not known)

In 1737 (T204), Empress Shir'le took her vengeance upon the Ming for their (presumed) complicity in the the Yasirid banking debacle that had occurred some years before. She conveniently decided to hold ransom former Viet Annam territory until such time as the financial costs of that debacle (to the tune of 1500gp + conquest costs) were repaid to Javan interests. Numerous other nations in region (Judea, Tokugawa, Hosogawa, and the Pure Realm) came to the Ming's aid (T205) and blunted any further gains. Shir'le, despite strong opposition from within her own government to end the war (1741, T206), she remained utterly determined to hold off the Ming and her allies. Disgusted with the opposition at home, she took what troops she could marshall and established an independent government of New Annam in the occupied territories. The new state didn't last long, however. Bereft of Javan support, and facing local rebellions and foreign assasins, New Annam's defenders were ultimately overwhelmed by Ming armies (1744, T207) with Shir'le fighting to the last.

NewsFax Entries

Javan Empire Newsfax Entries

Great Kahunas

  • St’ert 1767-date
  • Wili III 1756-1767
  • Pedregon 1747-1756
  • Nita 1742-1747
  • Shirl'e 1739-1742
  • Wili Hepakur 1675-1702
  • Altin Hepakur 1663-1675


  • T220-date Walter van Vliet
  • T215-T219 Bruce Anderson
  • T171-T215 Richard Kunz
  • T170 open
  • T168-T169 Alex St. John

Last updated: 3 April 2005

© 2003 Robert Pierce

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