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Jaguar Knight wearing light combat armor including an armored mask styled as a jaguar.

Historically a Méxica soldier who had captured four or five enemies on the battlefield was named as a tequiua and could join the ranks of the Eagle or Jaguar Knight warrior societies. A Jaguar Knight wore a jaguar pelt over his armor.

A member of these elite societies was known as a Cuahtlocelotl - an Eagle-Jaguar.

Elite Méxica soldier.

Can be assigned to guardservice.

When assigned to guardservice duties standard equipment issued:

Jaguar Knight

Méxica Term Meaning Rank Equivalent Army Rank
Ocelotlatoani Jaguar Speaker Major General Tlacoccalcatl
Ocelopilli Noble Jaguar Colonel Tlacateccatl
Ocelotlahtoh Commanding Jaguar Major Cuauhtlahtoh
Oceloyahcatl Great Captain Captain Cuahyahcatl
Oceloquichtli Jaguar Warrior Lieutenant Yaotachcauh
Huey Ocelotl Great Jaguar Sergeant Major
Warrant Officer
Oceloheuhueh Jaguar Elder Master Sergeant Cuauhhuehueh
Ocelotl Jaguar Sergeant Tequihuah
  • Jaguar Knights are an elite forced recruited from the ranks of the Army and Marines. They do not include ranks below Sergeant.


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