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Quechua: Emperor. The name given by outlanders to Tahuantinsuyu, the Land of the Four Corners.

From 1438 the Inca used conquest and peaceful assimilation to incorporate a large portion of western South America, centred on the Andean mountain ranges into their Empire. With the arrival of the French from Europe, they formed part of the vast empire of Franco-Inca. This realm was subsequently overrun by the True Incan Empire founded by a rebel Aztec general by 1622. The intervention of the Aztecs forced the restoration of some territory to the New French Empire. In 1706 the surviving portions of the True Incan Empire fell to the French. An independent Incan state resurfaced a decade later as the Principate of Bolivia whilst the northern regions were annexed by the Aztec Empire.

A people of South America, Old Earth, subjects of the Méxica Empire.


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