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Teikoku Kaigun Rikusentai

The IMN Méxica space marines.

Uniform and Equipment

From left to right:
Imperial Marine in dress uniform with ceremonial z-helmet.
Imperial Marine in light combat armor.
Imperial Marine Z-armor
Imperial Marine Z-armor rigged for EVA.
Macana fitted with a clipped-on 2000 round ammo coil (on both sides of the barrel).
Imperial Marine Shipgun
Collar insignia of an Imperial Marine Thai-i including the Xiuhcoatl (the personification of drought and scorched earth) of the Fleet and two zugaikotsu rank pins

Dress uniform is black with crimson piping.

Standard equipment issued:

Service Traditions

Aboard ship there is a strict division between Fleet starman and Imperial Marine. Marines do not mix with Fleet and vice-versa. Crew quarters are traditionally separated and meals are taken in alternating shifts. Ground-side or on stations, the respective contingents take pains to avoid each other in recreational areas.

In Fleet Academy there is an old ‘service legend’; the master gunnery sergeant and the master chief petty officer of each ship keep a logbook of stations, ports of call, and planetary facilities. In this legendary “black book” are listed all of the bordellos, pubs, stimshops, cheap restaurants, and resorts in each locale. By some means - tossing a knife, casting patolli beans, taking a tlachco shot - these venues are divided between Fleet and Marine on a ship by ship basis. Should an unwary crewman wander into a den of his own Marines, he will be politely shown the door. If a crewman from another ship entered, however, then all bets are off.

Inter-ship rivalries are strong in the Fleet and those reflecting disputes among the Seven Hundred Clans often become violent.

Ranks of the Marines

Ranks of the Imperial Marines:

Méxica Term Nisei Term Marine Rank
Bukan Officers
Shokan General Officers
(eagle prickly-pear lord)
Thai-sho General
Chu-sho Lieutenant-General
(commanding general)
Sho-sho Major General
Sakan Field Officers
Thai-sa Colonel
Sho-sa Major
Ikan Company Officers
(great captain)
Thai-i Captain
(war chief)
Chu-i Lieutenant
Sho-i 2nd Lieutenant
(war sentinel)
Jun-i Warrant Officer
(young son)
Seito Cadet
Kashikan Non-Commissioned Officers
Tokumu So-cho Special Duty Sergeant Major
(eagle elder)
So-cho Sergeant Major
(veteran warrior)
Gun-so Sergeant
(war leader)
Go-cho Corporal
Hei-cho Lance Corporal
Kashikan Hei Enlisted Ranks
Joto-Uchuuhei Superior Private
(older brother)
Itto-Uchuuhei Private 1st class
Nitto-Uchuuhei Private 2nd class
Santo-Uchuuhei Private 3rd class (Recruit)
Intermediate Ranks
Go-cho Kimmu Jotohei Acting Corporal
Jotohei Kimmusha Acting Superior Private
  • The term uchuu space can be eliminated from the rank.

Officer Titles

Eagle glyph worn by an Imperial warleader
Officer Titles
Rentai-cho Regimental Commander
Daitai-cho Battalion Commander
Chutai-cho Company Commander
Butai-cho Unit Commander (informal)
Shōtai-cho Platoon Commander
Han-cho Squad/Group/Section Commander

Unit Names

Unit Names
Gun Army
Dan; Tai; Bu Corps
Ryodan Brigade
Shidan Division
Rentai Regiment
Daitai Battalion
Chūtai Company
Shōtai Platoon
Hanshōtai Section
Buntai Squad
Otosu Buntai Drop-squad

Imperial Marine Personnel Files


"In the time of the Sixth Sun" by Thomas Harlan
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