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Foundation: 1447-1494 (T91-T102)Dead.gif
Capital: ???
Religion: Islam

By Rob Pierce


Still to be written.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries:

1447-1450 (T91)

Sweden: In the business news, the Kruppson arms cartel was purchased from its private owners (the venerable Kruppson family) by a consortium of French, Danish, Syrian and Iberian merchant houses.

Iberia: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (15C) Corsica, Berber, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, England, Pope, Ethiopia, Songhai, Syria

The dearth of rain on the plains of Spain led to a considerable pain for the Caliph as he found his people starving. Luckily the Caliph had sufficient grain reserves to counter the faminee and a bad scene was narrowly averted. A few more Swedish spies were rounded up and exterminated by the IIK. The SAS at Grasland was visited by a number of Iberian students and army officers.

1451-1454 (T92)

Sweden: The Swedish Ministry of Trade regretfully announced that a four year moratorium on trade with Iberia, France and Denmark - remarking that it simply was not profitable for Sweden to trade with those worthy nations at the moment. The French protested the "heavy handed treatment of the war-mongering Swedish government!" In other news the Swedes engaged in a new rearmament program, bringing the frontier defence forces up to snuff. Further annoying their neighbors, the Kalmar Senate passed (in a storm of outrage) the Foreign Investor Act of 1449. The bill prohibited any non-Swedish citizen from owning a controlling interest in any Swedish firm. All members of foreign governments and representatives of foreign governments were prohibited from having ANY interest in any Swedish businesses. The English protested the law, as it meant that the chocolate factory owned by the Duchess of Winsor in Malmo was appropriated. The French, Iberian and Syrians protested right and left of course, and the courts were choked with lawyers and shysters of all kinds. Also in the Kruppson news, the firm suffered from an unexplained and damaging exodus of itsalchemists, forgers, smiths, and other trained personnel. By the end of 1453 the trained core of the company had left - leaving only managers, bureaucrats and salesmen. The Swedish government also cancelled all arms procurement contracts with the company. As a result the company collapsed by the end of 1454 and declared bankruptcy. The foreign consortiu took a bath on the stocks when the KS stock dropped sixteen points on the Lubeck exchange and then vanished from the boards.

France: Some members of the Royal Council became alarmed when the King died, but were mollified when his half-brother assumed the throne. A vast network of Iberian spies was uncovered and wiped out by the French authorities.

Iberia: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (6R) Corsica, Berber, Denmark, England, Pope, Ethiopia, Songhai, Syria

Other than the Black Death ravaging the slums, the Iberians were at peace. And they got the Renaissance, Yowza!

1455-1458 (T93)

France: In Spain, the French sacked Gibraltar and moved the citizens to Provence, where the city of Marseilles was built.

Iberia: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (6R) Corsica, Berber, Denmark, England, Pope, Ethiopia, Songhai, Syria

Biyal the Fifteenth died in a hunting accident and was succeeded by his younger brother, who became the Sixteenth of the line. With an infusion of Incan aid, the Iberians managed to pay off their debts. A number of Iberian agents left France and Gascony. The Iberians reoccupied Gibraltar.

The Caliphs

  • Biyal al-F'yishar XVI 1456-????
  • Biyal al-F'yishar XV 1447-1456

The Players

  • T93-T102 (1455-1494) Zack Waltz
  • T91-T92 (1447-1454) (unknown; no ISI list)

Last updated: 18 October 2002

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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