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Hyperspace gradient generators are used to provide FTL travel to locations not serviced by jump-points or gates. The principle type of hyperdrive used by humans is derived from a Hjogadim device. This space drive is primarily used by military and exploration ships, as well as pirates and merchants with money to burn.

A Two-dimensional analogy of the effect of a hyperdrive making the gradient from normal space-time at the bottom to the higher dimensions of hyperspace at the top of the diagram.

A Hyperdrive allows a ship to enter hyperspace from any location where the h-space gradient is low enough to allow transit.

A ship moving from hyperspace to normal space creates a g-spike in the g-field, creating g-waves. The g-spike gradually diminishes to a g-dimple as local mass modifies the g-field. Transit deflectors are used to sweep clean the volume of space the ship enters from h-space.


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