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Foundation: 1653-1677Dead.gif
Capital: ????
Religion: Roman Catholic

By Martin Helsdon


A short-lived splinter-state of the Shawnee Empire destroyed in the Great Northern War.

The History:

Unlikely to ever be written.

NewsFax Entries

1653-1654 T163
Shawnee Empire: Coriolanus, victorious, took out his vengenance upon Saul, forcing a confession of patricide and murder from the eighteen year old King and the renunciation of the Iroquois crown to Coriolanus and the Shawnee house. Following this Saul was executed by beheading before the assembled Shawnee army and his body left in a ditch. Coriolanus returned to Adena and had himself crowned King of the Iroquois.

Sadly for his overweening dreams of empire it was not to be so easy. Though he captured the head and struck out the heart of the empire, still its limbs thrashed and moved with their own intent and motion. His murder of Saul met with almost universal approbation and revulsion. The various generals and battle-masters all rose up in arms against him, though the paranoia and plain bad rule of King David meant that none trusted or honored the other. The result was as vile and cruel a civil war as could be imagined. The vassal princes of Noquet and Huron revolted, hurrying to seize their own pieces of the rapidly disintegrating pie. General Kyle returned from the south (abandoning the raid against the New Granadans) and landed at Kn'Yan to the acclaim of the populace. In the east General Huku and Admiral Phobos proclaimed a rival Iroquois state based at Yavra in Mohawk. In all there was unfettered chaos.

Huron Confederation: The Confederation comprises Huron, Ottawa, Algonokin, Wyandot, Tobacco, Sagniaw, Potawatomi.

1655-1656 T164
Huron Confederation: The Hurons also minded their own business, seeing to the mobilisation of more troops and the conversion of the Eastern Cree to Catholicism. Chief Licksknife died after falling on a dagger several times and his son Slaydeer became Chief of the Hurons and their allied tribes.

1657-1658 T165
Huron Confederation: Diplomacy: Muskegon(a)
The Hurons continued to build up strength, acquired some new friends and noticed that the collapse of the Mohawk state had left a power vaccum to their east, one that they might well fill... Abitibi became Catholic.

1659-1660 T166
Huron Confederation: The Huron, seeing the waxing power of the Shawnee, decided to put some skunk-oil in the deerfat and launched a massive raid across the border into the province of Iroquois, which they found undefended. Oswego was sacked and the bridges on the postal road destroyed before the Huron fell back across the StLawrence laden with loot and whooping with glee. Slaydeer was quite pleased with this success and followed it with an equally strong raid into Miami. This raid ravaged the countryside and left a long string of burning towns, barns and granaries. New Rome proved much too strongly defended, however, for the Huron force to attempt and they contented themselves with counting coup upon its walls before retiring to the forests of Muskegon to chortle and count their loot.

1661-1662 T167
Tartar Kingdom of Go-Kur-Matahn: A small Tatar party met briefly with some Confederacy agents on the frontier in Huron and some very large crates were exchanged. The commanders talked underneath a tree for several hours while the men mingled and drank a considerable amount of skaf before the two parties returned to their respective countries.

Shawnee Empire: The threat of the Huron raiders now receeded with the presence of the Imperial Army back in the heartland. Lord Hushir, travelling about in the far south, found that the provinces of Choctaw and Taposa had been stripped of life, leaving naught but fallow fields and overgrown ruins. New Toledo even, was a ghost-haunted ruin, inhabited only by the bones of the dead and numerous wild animals. Hushir was quick to leave that damnable place, for the mark of the Thousand Headed God was upon it.

Huron Confederation: Slaydeer's expedition into the mountain of Wawenook failed and he returned to Sokoki still lacking a bride. "I must do something about this", he grumbled, "but my luck is so poor, perhaps... perhaps the Hair Clan for Men can help me..." The rest of the Confederation also suffered, though under the uneven rule of Lord Kusha who shewed that he was a better general than an administrator.

1663-1664 T168
Christian Kingdom of High Colorado: A marriage was also announced with Slaydeer Redhair of the Hurons, with a noble girl of good lineage being sent off to be his new bride. Llyr was well pleased at this arrangement as the girl in question had become notorious throughout the Kingdom for her wild and uncontrollable ways.

Shawnee Empire: Lord Hushir - who wandered into Huroni Muskogee by accident, obviously - was killed in a skermish with the Huron border guards. Coriolanus, at last returned to Adena in Erie to resume rule of his hard-won empire, demanded an apology and explanation from the Huron for the unfortunate incident.

Huron Confederation: Slaydeer was very pleased to acquire a beautiful young wife from the Coloradans - and she was of good breeding and well skilled with the bow, lance and knife as well. The Redhair beamed with pride at her strength, fleetness of foot and riding skills. For her part, Queen Margaret found Slaydeer refreshingly honest, kind and strong as an ox. He might not have the quickest wit, but he was a hell of a guy. She was not displeased with the match, nor with the discomfiture of her father once he found that she was praised by all in the court of the Huron. In any case they soon had a son, Brighteyes.

The Muskegon had a little trouble with border raiders from the south, but some well placed musketballs took care of that. Relations with the Shawnee improved a little despite this, with trade resuming and Huron offering a formal truce. Lord Kusha fought a short war with the Abenaki in the east before they accepted Huron overlordship. Slaydeer, on the advice of his shamanic advisors, also issued a proclamation outlawing the worship of "Kror", "Purple Idols" or any god save the One True God. Oh, purple clothing was also banned, as well as certain kinds of singing.

1665-1666 T169
Huron Confederation: Diplomacy: Wawenook(f)
Slaydeer welcomed a number of Papal emissaries, scribes and learned men. These fellows were installed at the court of the North-Warden and soon had gained considerable influence in the councils of the wise. The Huron border watch spent a great deal of 1665 scouring the woods and meadows of Muskegon before they found some of the loot carried by the Shawnee leader that was accidentally killed in 1663. This bags of silver were returned to the Shawnee government, filed and forgotten. Many "No Trespassing" signs were also erected along the frontiers of the Confederation.

1667-1668 T170
Huron Confederation: Diplomacy: Malecite(t)
Slaydeer dissapeared from public view for several months at the end of 1668, reportedly he was fasting deep in the forest, seeking a vision to guide his troubled heart. When he returned, it was with a cold anger in his heart and eyes and he ordered, for no apparent reason, the removal of many of his wife's servants and courtiers. Other of his chiefs he dismissed from office; some killed themselves thereafter.

A city, Northbay, was raised on the shores of Lake Huron in the province of Huron, there to serve as the local administrative center and summer home of the North-Warden. Lord Kusha visited the chiefs of the Malecite and viewed the English frontier posts in Micmac before returning with his troops to the heartland of the Confederation.

The economy was staggered by the sudden news that the Dakota Bakufu, which some years before had borrowed very large sums from the Bank of the Confederation, had defaulted upon its loans. Slaydeer was hard pressed to maintain order after that, and to keep his warriors in check - for they greatly desired to let their knives drink deep of Dakotan blood...

1669-1670 T171

The Great Northern War
Tatar, Huron and Noquet vs. Nisei, Dakota, Colorado and Shawnee

Tartar Kingdom of Go-Kur-Matahn: The Tatars, tipped to the impending Nisei Alliance invasion by their own spies within Nisei and the work of the Huron, launched their own offensives - hoping to smash the Alliance attack before it could spool up to full momentum.

Kingdom of Noquet: The Noquet undertook a campaign in the north in the pay of the Tatars and suffered for it, losing Prince White Feather and a goodly portion of their army. The remainder, however, did return safely to Pelbar in Croix. There they observed the operations of a Dakotan fleet in Lake Superior that ravaged all of the Huron and Tatar shipping it could find.

Shawnee Empire: The Shawnee kicked off their part of the campaign against the Tatar-lackey Huron by sending four bargeloads of gold, silver and gems into Pasar, offering to hire the Huron army for a war against (shh... don't tell anyone) the Hurons. Lord Kasar, commanding the defence of Pasar, stared at the Shawnee emissaries for a long time and then confiscated their gold and had them thrown in a deep pit.

Following this unfortunate episode, the Shawnee under Coriolanus punched across the frontier into Saginaw, garrisoned that region and then crossed the river into Tobacco. The Huron, seeing that they did not have sufficent forces to contest the crossing of the Algonac, withdrew into Pasar and prepared to make a stand of it.

Huron Confederation: The Hurons, now with some cash on their hands, rebuilt their banking structure and bolstered the sagging economy. Malecite and Abenaki were abandoned and trade was cut with Shawnee, Nisei and Colorado. The Hurons also closed the StLawrence to all Nisei - Colorado - Dakotan shipping. A small warship squadron also made a foray into Lake Superior, but was driven out by the Dakotan fleet operating there. Once the Shawnee had crossed the Algonac, Slaydeer issued a series of pronouncements requesting "aid from all Christian nations for assistance against this unprovoked attack!" and calling for sanctions and cessation of trade with the Shawnee by all "right-thinking nations".

Slaydeer himself, meantime, returned from the far east and led a force of 5,000 Huron warriors against the Nisei city of Achi, capturing it. He then pressed on west to see if he could lift the siege of Pasar in time.

And at Pasar, Coriolanus found the city very well defended, both by strong fortifications and a large force of defenders under Lord Kusar. Seeing little option, Coriolanus threw up a double-siege line around the city and prepared to spend 1669 reducing the city. And so the bitter fight began, filled with sudden rushes at strongpoints on the walls, tunnels filled with smoke, water and blood and general death. Ater three months of increasingly fierce fighting the Shawnee had failed to breach the defence, but the defenders were paying dearly to hold the city. Coriolanus decided that a mine would be driven under the south-western bastion and packed with powder. The destruction of the bastion would clear the way for the Shawnee to pour through into the city. Two tense weeks followed as the Shawnee engineers scrabbled and clawed through the thick rocky soil to cut a tunnel under the bastion. It was nerve wracking work, since at any moment the Huron counter-miners might break into the tunnel, precipitating a no quarter struggle in the dank confines of the tunnel with daggers, hatchets and pistol.

The mine was completed without undue incident, however, and the Shawnee prepared the attack just before dawn. Coriolanus and Lord Uncas viewed the preparations from a rise just behind the Shawnee siege lines. Suddenly the early morning darkness was lit by a massive explosion and the entire Huron bastion seemed to lift up into the air and then slam back down with an earth-shaking crash. The Shawnee raised a great cheer and swarmed forward into the shaking rubble. Coriolanus slapped his thigh in delight and bade Uncas good luck on the attack. The Emperor and his command group then rode off back to the main camp.

Uncas then ordered his men to attack along the broken wall and was in the process of urging a new regiment into the battle flaring along the heaps of rubble when a Huron berserker commando rushed out of the darkness and fell upon the commander and his guards with shrieks of rage. The Huron, having seen the preparations of days before, had prepared a counter-raid of their own and had moved many men along the shore in quiet boats. Now these men attacked the Shawnee flank and broke into the Shawnee rear area. The Shawnee regiments continued to pour into the breach at the bastion, but now Uncas fell, hacked by tomahawks, and the rear area was in great confusion.

Coriolanus, hearing the fighting break out on the rise and in the staging area in the orchard, rushed back with his aides to see what had happened. As he rode into the orchard at great speed, a Shawnee company, disoriented in the darkness, opened fire on the horsemen and the Emperor stopped a ten-grain rifle bullet. The attack at the bastion carried the first line of defences but then snarled and stalled for lack of new reinforcements. The Shawnee, now leaderless, abandoned the siege within days and fell back into their own lands of Erie, behind a strong cavalry screen. The Huron breathed a mighty sigh of relief, for they had weathered the first storm.

Slaydeer, arriving at Pasar some months after the siege lifted, proclaimed: "We, the people of the Huron Confederated Tribes, have given no provocation for the hostile actions of our neighbors. We desire a peaceful, friendly, coexistence of all peoples. Yes, even those that conspire against us. However much we desire peace, though, there are always those who prefer war and aggression. We respect the rights of any nation to defend itself against others. Therefore, let any who commit further hostile acts be warned. We shall oppose any violation of our sovreignity with all our might."

1671-1672 T172
Swedish Russia: At the express direction of the Empress, various mercantile concerns were granted rights of trade to the Huron Confederacy, an Amerikan nation that had come under attack by various pagan enemies and those in league with Hussites.

The Great Northern War
Tatar, Huron, Sud Afriqa, England, Sweden, Marôc, Spain
Tokugawa, Azuchi, Hideyoshi, Colorado, Shawnee, Noquet, Aztec

Shawnee Empire: The Shawnee led off their latest campaign against the Huron with a very strong cavalry raid into Algonkin - a raid which ran right into a Huron counter-raid led by Chief Slaydeer. The Shawnee general manhandled Slaydeer pretty severely and laid waste to much of Algonkin and Sokoki before returning to Oswego in Iroquois.

A little later, the main Shawnee army marched through Saginaw again with a very large force of 35,000 men and once more made a crossing of into Tobacco. This time, however, the Huron were waiting...

Huron Confederation: Slaydeer spent a goodly amount of time avoiding Shawnee assassins, but succeded at that at least, though his efforts to defend Algonkin failed. Lord Kusha had a little better success in the west, at least managing to engage the Shawnee as they crossed into Tobacco by barge, boat and pontoon bridge. A series of small battles broke out along the river as the Shawnee tried to force a crossing and wound up being a big battle at Sarnia. The 35,000 Shawnee went head to head with the 18,000 Huron in a complex, multiple bridge, battle. They lost too, being driven back in confusion and disarray. Solomon Kane, the Shawnee commander, was apoplectic with rage and ordered several of his brigade commanders shot. Then he started pulling his bloodied force back together.

On the other side of the river, the Huron were gasping for breath. They had broken the multiple Shawnee attacks with superior draken coverage and rushing the elite Confederation Guard from trouble-spot to trouble-spot, but now they were stretched very very thin and their reserves were gone. Kane attacked again within a month, and this time he put all of his strength against one crossing. Second Sarnia was a sound defeat for the Hurons, and the Shawnee cavalry broke out from the bridgehead to dash for the walls of Pasar. That city was once more besieged by the spring of 1672.

This time Kane avoided any fancy stuff and went straight for hammering on the city walls until they fell down. For a while it looked like this siege would drag on as long as the previous one, with the Huron giving as good as they took, but then the Huron general Kusha took a shell fragment in the eye and the defence began to suffer. Pasar finally fell in the fall of 1672, and Kane was quite content to rest his men in the fallen city during the following winter.

1673-1674 T173
The Church Spiritual: In StMichaels, the Huron embassy complained bitterly that they too were a Catholic nation under unprovoked attack by another Catholic nation that was in league with the known enemies of the Church in the Amerikas, yet they had received no redress for this crime. The Jesuits were willing to lend them a goodly sum of cash - at a competitive rate.

The Great Northern War
Tatar and Huron
Tokugawa, Azuchi, Hideyoshi, Shawnee, Aztec

Shawnee Empire: Travois was quite disenheartened to learn from his agents that the Huron had acquired the services of the mercenary condottas available in the eastern Amerikas. Regardless, however, he pressed the attack into the north. General Kane, reinforced by Lord Hector and more levies from the south, was preparing to avance into Wyandot when his scouts brought word that the Huron was moving south into Tobacco. The army moved north in turn, deploying for battle.

The 30,000 Huron mercenaries proceeded to whip the 18,000 Shawnee regulars pretty severely and Kane made haste to extract his surviving troops back south into Saginaw. The mercenaries then swept down upon the defenceless city of Pasar to take their "due" in loot. Dark Sun Arrow was outraged to learn of the mercenary plans and ordered them to leave the city alone. They laughed and set upon him. Binding his arms and legs with cords, they strapped him to a tree on a hill overlooking the city. He had a fine view of the slaughter and rapine that then ensued, and was a broken man when some peasants released him three days later.

The mercenaries, their appetites whetted by the rape of Pasar, continued to move south, but found the crossing into Saginaw held by Kane's troops. After some desultory efforts to force a crossing, they abandoned the effort to move south and went east instead, crossing the Erie canal into Cayuga. Here too Kane was able to move his cavalry to face them, but the mercenaries had already crossed over the Canal. Several skermishes drove off Kane and his lancers and the mercenaries advanced into Iroquois. There they found and destroyed the small city of Oswego. Dogged now both by Kane's troops and more Shawnee that had come down from a raid of their own into Algonkin, they hastened south into Mohawk, seeking to take the city of Yavra and ship for warmer and more welcoming climes. Faced with the prospect of losing the large, populous and undefended Yavra to the marauders, Kane was forced to pay them a large ransom to succor the city. Thier pockets laden with a great deal of gold, the condotierri departed Yavra peacefully, a song in theirhearts for the easy life of a mercenary!

Huron Confedartion: Slaydeer, seeing that ruin was fast approaching, moved his lodge to Northbay in Huron and set about devoting his energies, not to raiding and slaughter, but to firm administration of what lands remained to him. His warrior champion, Dark Sun Arrow, in turn raised a strong army of mercenaries with Papal gold and prepared to counter-attack south and drive the Shawnee from Huron lands. Slaydeer's move to the north contributed to him narrowly avoiding a Shawnee assassin attack, though he was wounded in the fray that resulted.

Bull Worshippers struck were reported to have struck the village of Otonone. The misshapen savages, screaming their terrible cry, "Blood and souls for our Lord Auroch!" struck at dawn, slew all who could not flee, then plundered and burned the village church before vanishing into the north. Authorities are at a loss to find motives for the attack since the village contained nothing of value and the church has stood empty since 1654, when it was used briefly as a refuge by the Iroquois Emperor's Consort Vihelle after the fall of Adena.

1675-1676 T174
The Church Spiritual: Clement, speaking from the pulpit in Sarai, issued a proclamation that "Henceforth, Papal funds are cut off from North Amerikan nations until such time as they violence amongst Catholics ceases. Catholic funds shall no longer be used by Catholic nations to make war upon Catholic peoples. The tithe shall be increased upon those Catholic governments that make war upon one another, that relief efforts for the people may be pursued once an armistice amongst Catholic governments is declared."

The Huron emissaries at StMichaels both appluaded this move and protested it. "The Shawnee, in bed as they are with the Shinto dogs, can still receive any sort of monies from their Aztec and Nisei paymasters, while we, who are strong in the faith and have wanted nothing but peace, are denied any funds with which to defend ourselves!"

The Great Northern War
Tatar and Huron
Tokugawa, Azuchi, Hideyoshi, Shawnee, Aztec

Tokugawa Nise Shogunate: Three weeks later he and his men reappeared in the early dawn, swarming over the walls of Achi. After a fierce fight with the Huron garrison the city was liberated and trade reopened with the Europeans.

Kingdom of Noquet: Black Mountain, fresh from victories against the Tatars, marched his army across the northern lands beyond Lake Superior (his way paved by the acceptance of Noquet overlordship by the tribes there) to attack Huron from the north! The Eppinette, eager to secure better social conditions, accepted Catholicism.

Shawnee Empire: The Shawnee, weary of the endless unsuccessful war against the Huron, declared a cease fire and stood down their armies to regroup and rest. The Huron were good with that, though they wondered if they shouldn't attack now, while the Shawnee were weak... The sleep of Travois was disturbed in Adena by the constant harangues of a street preacher calling for an end to the war with the Hurons and peace in the land. Eventually the palace guards rousted the fellow out.

Huron Confederation: Slaydeer, his resources pressed to the limit, issued a writ of manumission for all slaves within the Confederation that joined the army being raised by Dark Sun Arrow at Thira. Many thousands did so, earning Slaydeer the emnity of their owners - yet things were grim and strong measures had to be taken.

The invasion of the Noquet from the north caught everyone by surprise. Dark Sun Arrow was slow to respond to the news of the attack, fearing that the Shawnee were waiting for him to move away from the south. However, the capture of Northbay provoked him to move. He marched his new 'freeman' army north to drive the Noquet from the lands of the Confederation. Battle was met in the woods south of Northbay and the Hurons were decisively crushed. The Noquet occupied Ottawa next and wintered in Ruatan.

1677-1678 T175
The Church Spiritual: The news that the Catholic Huron had been destroyed by the collusion of the Noquet, Shawnee and Hideyoshi did not sit well either, but those were the breaks.

The Great Northern War
Tatar and Huron
Tokugawa, Azuchi, Hideyoshi, Shawnee, Aztec
Ends At Last

Hideyoshi Nisei Shogunate: The Hideyoshi army was sent east this time (no rest for them...) to fight against the Huron on behalf of the Shawnee. They captured the provinces of Tobacco and Wyandot without much trouble, seeing as how the Confederation was at last collapsing under the continuing attacks of the Noquet and the Shawnee.

Shawnee Empire: Then, within days, the Prince Kasar - while preparing for a hurried coronation - was caught in a palace passageway unawares by a serving woman and carved up like a prize ham. The girl was almost immediately captured and - under torture - was revealed to be a Huron agent. Lord Jason, who normally served as the Chancellor, suffered a heart attack when heard the news, which sort of rounded out the week for the Shawnee. General Hutek, who had been planning to move the newly raised army north to assist Solomon Kane in the campaign against the Huron, declared himself regent for the Prince Gohen (the six year old son of Kasar) and managed to stablize things.

Back in Iroquois lands; Solomon Kane and General Shai led their troops once more into Tobacco. This time the Huron defence was weak and they Confederation milita was scattered. In the forefront of the battle was a contingent of Shawnee mercenaries - followers of Auroch. Their beast masks glittering in the sun, they reaped a terrible harvest of blood and souls for their lord. These were among many mercenaries and captains that flocked to the Shawnee cause to see the ruin of Huron. Some, such as Johan Keel, Tadetsune Sakai and Red Axe of Cheyenne, came for gold or glory. Others, such as the notorious Paleface Blacksword, came for more obscure reasons. Both Tobacco and Wyandot and Algonokin fell to Kane. That noble general died in Algonokin of a snakebite, completing the depletion of the Shawnee leadership.

Huron Confederation: Slaydeer, trying to escape to a waiting English transport off of Algonokin, was caught in the woods and murdered by a Shawnee assassin team. His family too, were murdered and their bodies defaced and mutilated. A group of English seamen, searching for their passengers, found the remains and gave them a decent burial. This, combined with the continuing Shawnee and Hideyoshi attacks, signalled the end of the Confederation. Potawatomi, Muskegon, Sokoki and Wawenook became independent at that time.

The Chiefs of the Hurons

  • Slaydeer Redhair 1655-1677
  • Redhair Three-Lakes 1654-1655

The Players

  • Scott Murrell T165-T175
  • Doug Kooi T164
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