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Foundation: 1769
Capital: Xiapin in Tangchou
Religion: Roman Catholic

By Martin Helsdon, modified by James Gemmill


Rump state of the Divine Kingdom of Judah, formed in 1769 during an ongoing internal power struggle either brought on or exacerbated by the destruction of the Judean capital by Qing airships (theorized by some to actually be Martian "Mantas" in disguise).

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

1769 – 1770 T220
Humara China: In the south, the ridiculed and despondent Seei found himself Emperor of a rump state comprised of Chinling, Funiu, Tangchou, Tsainan and Kiangsu. That and a restive, demoralized army which was demanding extra pay and rations and...

The Emperors

  • Seei the Unlucky 1769-

The Players

  • T220 - n/a
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