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  • Náhuatl: hummingbird disguise.
  • A hummingbird nagual who takes on all the ill-luck, curses and karma of a location to cleanse it. The Mayan equivalent is an ah uay tz'unu'un.
    The Huitzitzilnahualli wears an elaborate and beautiful costume: A classic Méxica mantle formed of tiny gleaming white feathers was draped across his shoulders and back, leaving the front open to reveal a fitted shirt ablaze with green and gold and iridescent yellow. The shirt is also made of feathers, even smaller and more down-like than the mantle. Most of his face is hidden by a hummingbird mask figured in black and red and green – and the mask itself is formed of beaten gold inlaid with semi-precious stones and jade. His feet are bare with tiny conch shells braided around his ankles.
  • A form adopted by Painal the Runner.


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