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Vitzilopuchtli Huitzilopochtli,
Can maceualli Only a subject,
Can tlacatl catca. Only a mortal was.
Naualli A magician,
Tetzauitl A terror,
Atlacacemelle A stirrer of strife,
Teixcuepani A deceiver,
Quiyocoyani in yaoyotl A maker of war,
Yautecani An arranger of battles,
Yautlatoani; A lord of battles;
Ca itechpa mitoaya And of him it was said
Tepan quitlaza That he hurled
In xiuhcoatl His flaming serpent,
Immamalhuaztli His fire stick;
Quitoznequi yaoyotl Which means war,
Teoatl tlachinolli. Blood and burning;
Auh iniquac ilhuiq'xtililoya And when his festival was celebrated,
Malmicouaya Captives were slain,
Tlaaltilmicoaya Washed slaves were slain,
Tealtilaya impochteca. The merchants washed them.
Auh inic mochichiuaya: And thus he was arrayed:
Xiuhtotonacoche catca With headdress of green feathers,
Xiuhcoanauale Holding his serpent torch,
Xiuhtlalpile Girded with a belt,
Matacaxe Bracelets upon his arms,
Tzitzile Wearing turquoises,
Oyuvale. As a master of messengers.

Blue-Hummingbird-on-the-Left. Traditional Méxica war god.

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