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  • Náhuatl: venerable old [man]; a traditional Méxica vertical wooden drum played during important religious and war celebrations and rituals. Huehuetl conventionally stood on three legs (symbolizing lightning) and the drumhead was often a stretched jaguar skin. There were three classes of huehuetl drum, ranging up to the medium panhuehuetl to the massive tlalpanhuehuetl war drum.

A ten-meter-long, self-propelled countermeasures Outrider drone. Six are carried by the IMN Cornuelle.

The Huehuetl-6B supports three ECM functions:

  • Chaff dispenser. Chaff consists of thin strips of foil ejected as a radar countermeasure.
  • Jamming (across the electromagnetic spectrum).
  • Spoofing - creating an erroneous signature to confuse or mislead enemy sensors.

In addition, it provides its own active sensors and passive sensors including a v-cam. The Huehuetl-6B uses a miniature version of shipskin - skinmesh to minimise its own detection signature.

The Huehuetl-6B usually manoeuvres using a plasma thrust reaction drive powered by a reactor. The drone uses 243-B fuel cells.


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