House of Reeds

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Oldest building in the city of Takshila on Jagan built on the largest hill of Takshila. Occupied by the mandire who guard the kalpataru.

Lowest levels appear to be an ancient Jehanan spacecraft capped with limestone, possibly to conceal it and to act as a place of refuge. The other surrounding sixteen hills suggest the seventeen ships that brought the Jehanan to Jagan. 219 priests live in the House of Reeds but once it could have held thousands.

An Imperial geodatabase includes an entry on the House of Reeds by the Hussite missionary Lynch:

The House of Reeds is the most ancient structure in Takshila. Some say it is the most ancient structure still standing on all Jagan. From a distance the hill is rumpled and gray, seemingly filled only with ruins. There are few windows or doors to be seen, for the denizens of the benighted place spend their lives in heathen practices which would not stand the light of day. A reputable local guide informs me they are called the mandire which in the local dialect (more convoluted and difficult, I admit, than the plain-spoken Parusian) means 'those who are relentless.' Their charge is the protection and contemplation of an artifact of unknown provenance known as the kalpataru -- the heavenly tree giving that which you desire.


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