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Editor's Note: It is uncertain whether the Grail, if it exists at all, is a true Anchor.

In Search of the Holy Grail?

T183, United Kingdoms of Britain
A number of Papal representatives visited the court of the Protector, particularly speaking with Alice Cromwell, the daughter of the Protector, who of late had served as mayor of London. Though these discussions were kept private, wild rumors were soon circulating of a 'mission'. When Alice began to hire men for a five ship voyage, all of London was atalk with what the purpose could be. The wide variety of equipment being purchased also fueled the rumors. Finally, the Times broke the story that the Pope had made a request of the Cromwell government to seek out and secure the Grail of Joseph of Arimathea.

Alice left London ... with ten ships and several hundred men under her command, and sailed first to the island of Avalon, on the coast of Amerika. There she learned of certain strange events that had transpired in Gronland, where once a mighty city stood. North she turned then, and in time made landfall at the glassy ruins of Chapultipec. Her men went ashore in longboats, carefully, and found the old colony an icy wasteland. Still, strange thick-leaved plants grew amidst the wreckage and frogs peeped in the recesses of the gape-eyed buildings. Beyond this, they found nothing.

EDITORS NOTE: The English had previously come across survivors of an expedition to Gronland some years before (T178). See Hidden or Abandoned Cities.

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