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Foundation: ???-??? (T106-T108)Dead.gif
Capital: ???
Religion: Bhuddist

By Rob Pierce


The "kingdom" of Hainan was a shortlived state that tried to establish itself in southern China following the spectacular collapse of the Mongol Empire in ???? (T106). Despite initial successes against an unprepared Ming China (Canton was captured, and the Ming navy destroyed), the Ming quickly recovered and demolished the marauding Hainan army in ???? (T108).

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries:


KA-bLOOey! Plans to re-distribute power to two representative "Halls" in the Mongol Empire touched off a flurry of assasination attempts against the Mongol emperor designee, which all failed. Unfortunately, the Emperor's horse got spooked, the Emperor fell, and his head hit the paving stones like a ripe melon. The various political factions (Blue Jade, Red Jade, Tsung, Taiping) and two individual leaders (6th Legion and the Mongol fleet) went to duking it out for control of the empire. The Kingdom of Hainan (the ex-Mongol fleet) invaded and captured Chinese Canton and obliterated the Chinese navy when it tried to respond to the invasion.


Two Chinese armies were defeated by the Hainan at Canton, but the Hainan fleet was sunk by the combined navies of the Ming and the Taira.


The Chinese (for the first time listed as "Ming China") made another attempt at recovering Canton only to find the Hainan had fled north, sacking cities along the way. The marauders were brought under heel between two Ming armies that massacred the Hainan to a man.

The Kings

  •  ??? ???-??? (d ???)

The Players

  • T106-T108 ???

Last updated: 25 October 1997

© 1997 Robert Pierce

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