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Foundation: 1737-date

  • None 1767-date
  • Fushige in Missouri 1745-1767


By Martin Helsdon


The Ghost Dance began as a movement amongst the Plains tribes against the Nisei encroachment on their territory, and at first included the worship of Ithaqua the Wind-walker as the White Buffalo. However, the Ghost Dancers soon changed from being allies of the Ice Lords, and were partially incorporated into the Shawnee Empire and converted over time to Christianity by both the Shawnee and the Sisters of the Rose. The Ghost Dancers emerged as a distinct nation during the civil war in the Shawnee Empire.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

Ghostdancer Newsfax Entries

War-Captains of the Ghost People

  • Waylo Azurama 1765-date
  • Geshin Azurama 1755-1765
  • Teoclote Azurama 1745-1755

The Players

  • Chet Strachel T216-date
  • Bruce Anderson T207-T215

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