Georgia, Cossack Khanate of

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Foundation: 1769-date
Capital: Baku in Georgia
Religion: Karidjite Islam

By Martin Helsdon


A Cossack horde settled in Georgia.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

1769–1770 T220
Persia: Al-Siribi, who was dispatched to negotiate with the heretical barbarians of Daylami (Baku, more or less) found that entire region in upheaval and wound up hiding in a cellar for most of '70, trying to avoid arrest and robbery.

Georgia: Diplomacy: Azerbaijan/Tabriz (^t), Kurdistan/Nineveh (^t), Urmia (^nt)
Stranded in Armenia after the withdrawal of the various Swedish and Russian forces which had been campaigning against the Daemon Sultan, a variety of Cossack clansmen had migrated into the Baku area by '66, where - under the inspired leadership of the Dakessian hetmen - they seized control of Baku itself and the surrounding countryside in '67 and '68. By 1769 they had consolidated their little bandit kingdom (in main by adopting the Karidjite faith of their subjects, strongly influenced by a local strain of sufism) enough to launch a campaign against the Catholics who had recently invaded Urmia. After marching boldly across Azerbaijan, where prince Ari and General Serj had a bit of 'splainin' to do with the locals.

As the Exarchate didn't actually have any troops in Urmia (even around Mount Ararat, where of late many odd things had transpired) the Cossacks were greeted with cheers, flowers and a warm welcome by the local maidens. Dakessian's troops then marched on towards Armenia itself, hoping to reach the city of Van sometime soon.

Trebizond: News from the south of the 'rebellion' of Georgia and Urmia against the putative rule of the Exarchate was met with ill-tempered silence in Cerkes.

The Kings

  • Ilya Emil Dakessian 1769-date

The Players

  •  ???? T220
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