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  • Paris (1703-Date)
  • Dijon (1635-1703)

Religion: Hussite Christian

By Rob Pierce, updated by Graham Donald & Martin Helsdon


Known as the Grand Duchy of Burgundy until 1703. With the change in government, the capital was moved from Dijon to Paris.

The Duchy preserved itself as a one region nation for many years, until the depredations of the Free Companies in the late 1650s led to the surprise (to Duc Lucas) wedding between his daughter and the Duc d'Orleans, thus doubling the size of the tiny nation. The chaos in Europe in the succeeding years provided both the need and opportunity for the Duchy to grow further.

Although the Holy Cross War gripped Europe from 1699-1721, Willem managed to follow in his predecessors footsteps and evaded, shall we say, "compromising entanglements" that would otherwise have drawn his precariously positioned nation into that bloodbath.

The History

Still to be written.

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Armies of the Commonwealth

  • Armee du Orient
  • Armee du Provence
  • Grand Armee

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The Grand Dukes and Archons

Archons of the Frankish Commonwealth. (House of du'Maine)</br>

  • Louis Alphonse du'Maine 1757-Date</br>
  • Louis du'Maine 1753-1757</br>
  • Jacques du'Maine 1726-1753</br>
  • Willem du'Maine 1699-1726</br>

Grand Dukes of Burgundy. (House of Burgundy)</br>

  • Margarethe 1693-1699</br>
  • Gunter 1671-1693</br>
  • Pieter 1663-1671</br>
  • Gawaine 1659-1663</br>
  • Lucas "the Brave" 1641-1659</br>
  • Brion "the Bold" 1635-1641</br>

The Players

  • Don Deutsch 193-Date 1715-Date</br>
  • Open 192-193 1711-1714</br>
  • Vaughn J Willy 191 1709-1710</br>
  • Kerry Harrison 187-190 1701-1708</br>
  • Open  ???-186  ????-1700</br>
  • Brian Schmidt 154-183? 1635-1694?</br>

© 2004 Robert Pierce & Graham Donald

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