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Foundation: ???-1622 (???-T147)
Capital: Versailles
Religion: Roman Catholic

By Rob Pierce


Also known as Holy Franco-Inca. Franco-Inca was once a vast empire that controlled much of the South American continent. For much of that time, it's main rival was the Aztec Empire which captured territory along the northern Andean coastline during the Great War (1533-1557). In later years the two nations became close allies. Franco-Inca achieved the Renaissance in 1575 thanks in part to Aztec aid. During the Aztec civil war of 1577-1591, French armies participated on behalf of the Cuahtemoc faction, after early attacks against the True Incan rebels. A former Aztec general, Huastec, formed a new nation out of the Aztec possesions in Inca. This "True" Incan Empire ultimately overran Franco-Inca in Hecure's War (1613-1622). Aztec intervention in that war forced True Inca to restore some territory from which the modern nation of New France was rebuilt.

The History:

(unknown prior to T123)

NewsFax Entries:

1455-1458 (T93)

Songhai: A Songhai explorer travelled to Franco-Inca and returned, bearing good tidings and rutters of the route.

The Kings

  • James Medeville-Gilbert 1620-1622 (d 1623)
  • see New France
  • La Grange Guy Medeville-Saon 1614-1620 (b 1608-d 1620)
  • La Grange Lewis Medeville-Saon 1612-1614 (b 1586-d 1614)
  • La Grange Michael Medeville-Saon 1586-1612 (abdicated)
  • La Grange Gabriel Medeville-Saon ???-1586 (b 1514)

The Players

  • 140-145 John McNiece
  • 136-139 Larry Ross
  • 135 (open)
  • 131-134 Tom Dishong
  • 124-130 Tom Dishong
  • 123 (open)
  •  ??-122 (unknown)

Last updated: 16 November 2002

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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