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A bizarre collection of ‘Fortean’ events.

A fall of fish A rainstorm includes a mysterious rain of small fish.
Black Rain A rainstorm consists of rain drops as thick as ink. In some cases those exposed to the rain die of a wasting disease over the next few days.
Crystal Rain A rainstorm consists of small crystals that dissolve in water and appear to be salt.
Acidic Hailstones A hailstorm delivers hail consisting of some acidic substance, which produces burns and damages crops.
Ice Flakes A rainstorm brings thick flakes of ice.
Paper A rain of small fragments of burnt paper is reported.
A fall of coal Small pieces of brown coal fall over a wide area.
Red Rain A rainstorm consists of thick red drops with a consistency like blood.
A fall of jellyfish A rain of small jelly-like creatures falls over a wide area. Some sting people and cause the death of small animals.
Cinders A rainstorm consists of burning cinders.
In the Earth Mysterious sounds are heard, coming as if from inside the hills and mountains. Old folktales mention things living in the Earth
In the Sky Loud thunderclaps are heard, though there are no clouds in the sky.
Strange earthquake A minor earthquake is preceded by curious sounds deep within the Earth and a lightning storm.
Solar Shadows An irregularly shaped object appears to cross over the face of the sun.
Twin Suns One morning two suns are seen rising over the horizon.
Sun spots Large sun spots cover the face of the sun, reducing illumination over several days.
Lunar Pearls A procession of small grey objects is seen to pass in front of the Moon.
Lunar Sigil A Greek symbol is seen burning on the face of the Moon composed of a series of small bright lights.
Lunar Impact Something is seen to hit the Moon, causing an explosion, subsequently followed by the appearance of a small new crater.
Black Moon The Moon is entirely black when it should be visible.
Strange Lights Large luminous spots seen on the dark part of the moon.
Mysterious Comet A small bright light traverses the sky too quickly to be a normal comet.
Mysterious Star A strange octagonal star is seen over successive nights before it disappears.
Mysterious Planet An unknown planet is seen over several nights and then vanishes.
A luminous veil obscures part of the night sky Part of the night sky is covered by a strange aurora composed of shifting colors and lights
Green Children The appearance of twin children, both with greenish skin is reported. One dies almost immediately, but the other lives long enough to learn a little of the local language and say that they arrived through a cave or hole in the Earth.
Discs A procession of luminous discs crosses the sky from east to west.
Vessels <=TL11 A large cylindrical object with lights along its sides and a bright beam at its nose is seen.

>TL11 A large flying disk with lights around its rim hovers over the landscape before rising out of sight at very great speed.

Darts A serious of bright metallic darts fly at speed across the sky, accompanied by a loud booming sound.
Mysterious Ship A mysterious ship is found drifting out to sea. It is several TL ahead of the local culture; the crew are all dead, apparently burnt or partially embedded in the decks. Before it can be towed to port, the ship vanishes.
Mysterious City Travelers report seeing a strange walled city where there should be none.
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