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Foundation: 1737-date (T204)

Religion: Lencolar Christian

By Graham Donald


A Lencolar religious order. Also known as the Order of Tlahulli.


To be written.

NewsFax Entries

1737-1738 (T204)
Aztec Empire of Mexico: With the recession of the Ice and the return of peace, the Aztecs bundled up their toys, went home and bent their nimble hands to crafting an even grander civilization than they had raised before. Well, almost... they started on retooling their entire industrial base anyway, since someone in Sweden had decided to use a base-10 numbering system, rather than a perfectly reasonable base-16 count like civilized people used.

The city of Xochimilco in Tepanec was expanded just to provide a suitable venue for the biggest damn party this desert has ever seen! See Rebus Keneebus jump into the Hole that goes to the center of the Earth! Hmm... the GM is getting giddy. There was a huge Victory over the Ice party held in the floating gardens and no one went home unhappy.

The Imperial Police cleaned house, arresting the commander of the Smoking Sun Legion in Moache (he died soon after, hanged in his cell), and the Earthquake Legion commander in Odakyu was killed messing around with a ‘cool samurai sword.’ Those are sharp... The powerful Aztec garrison of Mesa Verde complained they were being ignored by the press. Which was true. Everyone had forgotten they were posted to an icy, howling wilderness filled with bad-tempered Frenchmen.

Two fleets were split off from the main armada at Odakyu, and they spent the next two years ferrying people (who should have brought their own boats) home. The Aztec crusaders (the Order of Tlahulli) were ordered back to Méxica, but they refused, which caused a mild crisis in the Nisei heartland. Worse, the Tlahulli did not leave on the fleet, and marched north into the wasteland of the Ice, looking for someone to smack.

They did not find anyone, even the Inuit having left the old Tatar domains. The Tlahulli marched through the snow and ice until they came upon a massive ruined city in newly growing forest. This place they recognized from the tales told by the Nisei aerocorps - Dread Hûkar, where so many had died to save the world. Chikietl, the leader of the Tlahulli declared this was the place they would stay, and so the crusaders settled among the pines and swift streams, finding the soil rich and the game plentiful

The Order of Tlahulli (The Flowering Sun): The Tlahulli control Tutchone (and Hûkar), as well as Kaska (and Tamsagbujak).

1739-1740 (T205)
The Order of Tlahulli (The Flowering Sun): Plagued by constant cold, terrifying winters, frigid summers, enormous bears, constant attacks by bands of Inuit raiders and the queer dreams who come to all those who dwell where <They> have once set foot - Chikietl decided to accede to the wishes and prayers of both the Aztec Emperor and the Sisters of the Rose, and return to the sunny middle lands. The knights of the Order packed up their bags, marched down to Azoton and boarded ship for the journey back to the center of the world.

Much later, having arrived in Tenochtitlan (the fifth direction), an enormous and well-attended ceremony saw the Emperor himself place the signs and portents of the Flowering Sun into Chikietl’s hands. A great palace in the island city was given over to the Order’s use, as well as many lands, estates and farms in Totonac province. The Master was well pleased, his heart fortified by the faith of so many people, and warm at last upon him again from the divine Sun.

1741-1742 (T206)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Fueled by substantial amounts of money from the Emperor and the Sisters, the Order attempted to establish itself in the central provinces of the Empire. They was much work to be done, and that meant Chiketl needed access to pious men and gold.

1743-1744 (T207)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Though most of the Order Knights were off in the Middle East fighting under the blazing day-son, Chiketl and Sixteen-Mountain were very busy within the Empire. The order-master was getting tired though... it was very wearing to rush from place to place without so much as a rest.

Tzompan, stuck at home with the accounts and books, was not so happy. He was even less happy to suddenly have Gimoc of Caquetio’s snot-nosed son Pardane dumped on him. "Send him to the calmecac school," Tzompan bellowed."With the rest of the useless little... noble children."

Pardane glowered at everyone and refused to even speak. He was terribly unhappy.

1745-1746 (T208)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Old Tzompan watched the ball-court from a hidden window. Down below, in the full glare of the summer sun, sixteen boys were running back and forth, shouting, lost in the vigorous exercise of the tlachco. One of them in particular - a boy with the brassy coloring of the southern tribes - threw himself heedlessly into the path of the tlal. He twisted, taking the impact of the hard rubber ball squarely on his hip. A band of leather stuffed with cotton slapped and the ball spun away, bouncing off one of the high sandstone walls. There was a cheer, and the boys ran back the other way.

"What do you think?" The Caquetian ambassador was sitting on a bench, smoking a long pipe. Bluish smoke curled around his shaven head.

"He is still young," Tzompan replied turning away from the window. "Young Pardane was quite spoilt when he came to us."

"And now?" Chimeca drew another draught from the tabac.

Tzompan smiled. "We do not allow such things in this house. I cannot say he will make a good king, but he will be a better man when he leaves than when he came."

The ambassador nodded his head in thanks. What more could anyone wish from the Lord of the World.

1747-1748 (T209)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: The Knights of the Sun continued to putter about in Aztec lands, though they suffered a setback when the House in Jumano was destroyed by Catholic bandits.

1749-1750 (T210)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: The knights of the Living Sun continued to go about their business in a quiet, unassuming, pious way. The sun did not go out, so they were doing well.

1751-1752 (T211)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: The Tlahulli continued to grapple with internal matters - they still needed too much support from the Empire to keep the books balanced and their adherents fed - and the various lords of the order continued to labor in the provinces, seeking more status, more lands, more wealth.

1753-1754 (T212)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: While the Order continued to build it's strength, hoping for the day when it could actually carry the Sun's battle to the enemies which hide in darkness, prickly-pear-knight Tzompan fell off a roof in Otomi while celebrating with some newly inducted Order knights and dashed his head in.

1755-1756 (T213)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: After a great deal of pestering, the Emperor Trákonel agreed to pay a suitable tithe to the Order, though the resulting amount was smaller than Chikietl desired and more than the Emperor wished. So it is above, so it is below.

A previously unheard of event occurred when several of his staff saw the Grandmaster Chukietl embrace one of his most junior officers. The officer being Malinal, subaltern of cavalry, and the Grandmaster's own daughter, no one was too shocked.

She had been released from her oaths, and was leaving for Caquetio, where the young King Pardane, whom she had met when they both were aspirant-students of the Order, had asked her to come, to be his bride and his Queen, as soon as his heavy duties could permit.

1757-1758 (T214)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: While there were successes to be had on the diplomatic front (gaining the patronage of the High King of Colorado and the continued support of Malinal of Caquetio), Chikietl also turned his attention to expanding the capabilities of the central authority and raising a new regiment of Order Knights.

1759-1760 (T215)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Aside from the knights of the Order traipsing over hill and dale in all parts of the Amerikas, the Tlahulli concentrated their effort in the Aztec capital, where sister Dzeba had taken an honor guard of 200 Eagle Knights to attend young prince Zinicha and see to his education. Unfortunately for Dzeba’s political aspirations, she immediately made an enemy of the boy’s mother, outraged the chamberlain of the palace and was banished to an outlying villa to stew and fret... the masters of the Order now wondered if perhaps they should have sent someone a little more polished to the court.

1761-1762 (T216)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Summoned by the new Emperor to defense of the realm, the Tlahulli marshaled their cuachpantli and ometeotl and rode out to war. But not against the foreign enemies of the Empire, but the insidious presence of those who worshipped pre-human, implacable deities inimical to man... and indeed, this was the very reason for the Order and the Shield of the Sun. Master Cukietl and a thousand jaguar knights rode down into Zapotec to support the efforts of the Smoking Sun legion to crush a nest of Yigite nagual reputedly operating there.

Captain of Eagles Atonal also took to the field, leading an elite force through Culhua, Tepanec and Tlapocoya in search of ‘snakeheads’ in those lands as well.

1763-1764 (T217)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Though the Order was still dependent upon the Empire for grain, the fiscal resources of the Flowery Knights had steadily improved, so much so that they were able to raise a fresh regiment of Hopi mounted carabineers.

1765-1766 (T218)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Suddenly bereft of Imperial favor (but then, who knew which way the paranoid currents in Mamexi’s mind might flow?), the Tlahulli betook it upon themselves to secure larger estates in the rural provinces, that their city temples might not languish and the faithful starve. Unfortunately, things were so unsettled throughout the Empire that no one would listen. Instead, Chiuketl got an earful of how ill-favored a ruler the Foul One was.

1767-1768 (T219)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: Deep in their meditations, the Tlahulli did not fare about in the world (as they might usually do), save for Kelle Dineh and Sister Dezbah who had the fortune (or fate, morelike) to be in Sion guarding the court of the Emperor when the Tzitzimime came calling.

1769 – 1770 (T220)
The Order of The Flowering Sun: The Shield’s strange lassitude endured, causing a great unrest amongst his younger Eagle Knights – who begged their elders to allow them to take ship to the south, to join the great struggle against the Tzitzimime. Yet Chukietl refused, remaining the mountains of Nahuatl. Some said he searched for a sign, or some secret way to victory over the great enemy…

Masters of the Order

  • Chikietl 1737-Date


  • Robert Spencer 1739-date
  • Open 1737-1738
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