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A new class of Imperial Méxica Navy super dreadnaughts.

  • The initial order from the Fleet was for sixteen SDNs, of which the Tlemitl is the most recently completed.
  • Four more are currently under construction at the Lunar Ix Chel low-g shipyard complex.
  • Unlike most Fleet ships, these are not being laid down by the Zosen, or by any of the constituent companies of the IDC, but by the Imperial Household itself, which has formed its own set of companies to manage the effort.
  • Approximately 4 kilometers in length.
  • An SDN can carry an enormous complement: freighting a fleet command staff, whole embassies, trade delegations and a full regiment of Marines.

Ships of the class

Designation Name Meaning
SDN-1 Tecpamitl Flint Arrow
SDN-2 Citlalmitl Star Arrow
SDN-3 Itzmitl Obsidian Arrow
SDN-4 Tepozmitl Iron Arrow
SDN-5 Ezmitl Blood Arrow
SDN-6 Tlemitl Fire Arrow
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