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Learn how to use Excel for it is your most important method of communication with the GM. How your orders are presented when the GM processes all the turns can be the difference between success and failure for your game actions. Since most GMs print out all player orders before processing the turn it is wise to print them out yourself to ensure that the pages print and that nothing has been omitted. Note: Print previews can sometimes be misleading.

This page describes filling out a Lords of the Earth Excel Orders Form. See Forms to Download for the Excel-based Orders template.

Details may vary from campaign to campaign: check with your GM.


  1. Units should be represented as they appear on the stat sheet. So "5s" instead of "S" in one column and then "5" in another column. Also, if you're building a unit for someone else (as an export) put the designated country in the next column over. That first column of builds should be just #'s of units and codes if possible.
  2. When specifying an Army, just give the final Army Number the units wind up with.
  3. When specifying a Demobilization, separate out the units by Army per row, with a - in front of each unit type. So if you want to remove 4w,6ht,2ei from army number #6 put: "-4w,-6ht,-2ei" and "6" in the army column.
  4. When building a single unit, put it as "1(sca)" rather than "(sca)".
  5. Don't represent Projects on the Builds section and vice-versa.


  1. Each transfer requires a Trade Route No. in the Via field, or a note saying "Leader".

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