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Foundation: 1447-date (T91-date)

  • Soba in Funj (from 1653)
  • Addis Abbaba in Shoa (to 1649)

Religion: Coptic Christian

By Rob Pierce, updated by Martin Helsdon


The earliest known government of Ethiopia was the Federated Imperial Republic of Ethiopia (FIRE), probably the first Republic established in the world since the ancient Roman Republic.

Sometime in the early 1400's the Kingdom of France had conquered southern Africa, an area where Coptic missionaries had been active. A subsequent revolt from France by native leaders formed the Republic of South Africa (1452, T92) which remianed active in spreading the Roman Catholic faith. The Senate, consequently, made an effort to move Coptic populations north out of conversion's way. Though French imperialism in south and west Africa seriously concerned the leadership, the Senate had to be convinced that the country was not strong enough to oppose them.

At some point in the past the Ethiopians lost control of the region of Egypt - and the Coptic Holy City of Alexandria - to Syria. After years of debate over what to do about it, the Senate finally approved of construction of a new Holy City to be built in Makurra (on the Red Sea) and named New Salem. The city was built in 1471 (T97). Just 3 years later, a Berber attack on Syria inspired Coptic riots in Egypt and the Ethiopian Northern Army intervened to protect the populace and the shrines. After the Berber incursions were thrown back, and the Ethiopians stalled at returning Egypt, Syria attempted to recover the region by force (1481, T99) and failed. Hard liners in the Ethiopian Senate then vowed to never return it. These would prove to be Ethiopia's glory years.

In 1521 (T111), insurrection in the southern regions sparked a civil war that saw the southern third of the country secede as the Coptic Kingdom of Maasai. The Senate was simultaneously overthrown and the Coptic Empire of Egypt established in its stead.

The Maasai secession preoccupied the Ethiopian leadership even a century later when the Maasai made a major commitment to support South Africa and the Mixtecs in The New Mexican War (1625-1645). Imperial troops struck south (1629, T150?) in a bid to recover the "rebellious" regions for the Empire (The Ethiopian War, 1629-1649). Unfortunately for the Imperials, Coptic zealots shorty thereafter were implicated in the defilement of the Islamic holyplace known as the Dome of the Rock, including the destruction of the rock itself. This horrendous event sparked a major Holy War by Mulslims (the Q'aba Jihad, 1633-1649) against Copts, with the bulk of the crusaders uniting under the banner of ???. The combination of crusaders in the north and resurgent strength from Maasai and Sud Afriqan defenders in the south ultimately proved fatal to the Empire. Even as Maasai and Sud Afriqan armies closed in on his palace the Emperor refused to accede to their demands that he abdicate and so end the war. Consequently Sud Afriqan forces captured the capital in 1649 (T161) and the Imperial Ethiopian government collapsed. Just a few years later (1653, T163) the RSA garrison commmander in Adulis (General Fukun) revolted and established the Free Republic of Ethiopia. The RSA government shrugged off the revolt, and the Maasai were glad to not be the only Coptic nation anymore.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

Ethiopian Newsfax Entries


Free Republic of Ethiopia

  • Josiah Draume 1759-
  • Fredik Draume 1749-1759
  • Saul Ashûr 1739-1749
  • Peter Ashûr 1708-????
  • Horos 1692-1708
  • Pakash 1675-1692
  • Fukun the Great 1653-1675

Coptic Empire of Ethiopia

Federated Imperial Republic of Ethiopia

  • Jentzen Kharast War Theocrat 1491-1498
  • Karsis Phrambatta Imperialist 1483-1490
  • Alia Woudiver Mercantile Union 1466-1482
  • Anacho Traz Ethiopian Peoples 1466-1470
  • Jesiah Stern Ethiopian Peoples 1463-1466
  • Alechiem Ashkenazi Peace Theocrat 1447-1462


  • T175-date (1677-date) Tom Towner
  • T174 (1675-1676) (open)
  • T164-T173 (1655-1674) Sean Padden
  • T163 (1653-1654) (open)
  • T103-T161 (1495-1649) A. Fritz
  • T93-T102 (1455-1494) Stan Sord
  • T91-T92 (1447-1454) (unknown; no ISI list)
  • T??-T?? (????-????) James Plamondon (per T94 Announcements)
  • T??-T?? (????-????) Patti ???? (per T94 Announcements)

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