English Civil War

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???-1610 (???-T141)


A war between the Stuarts (backed by the Aztecs) and the Godwins. Unfortunately only fragmentary records are available for this period.

It must be assumed that the records were lost in the Blow of the 24th Century.


1608 T140
Kingdom of England - Stuarts: The English reluctantly ceased trade with the Danes, sending a number­ of messages to the Emperor Richard expressing their regret for this action,­ but citing increasing pressure from the Papacy. The English fleet undertook­ a sweep operation in the northern seas, capturing or sinking the Godwinite ­merchant fleets. Lord Shirley subdued the Connachti, and put many of the­ adherents of Queen Helga to the sword.

Kingdom of England - Godwins: The Godwinites were hammered upon by the English.

Aztec Empire of Mexico: Large sums were once more dispatched to the English to bolster that­regime and ensure their continued loyalty to the Great Empire.

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