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Elric of Mississippi
See also the White Tower, The.

Elric and the Bull Worshippers came into conflict in 1680 (T176) when he defended a group of scholars from attack. They both reappeared years later (T180) in a tavern confrontation that saw Elric steal a crystal that could predict the Tower's movements (T180). Related reports regarding him and animal-masked men appear in the Afriqan and possibly the Lybian fax (T182), and again in the Mali and Afriqan faxes (T183). The beast-men, who had already been pursuing the Tower, took to pursuing Elric as well (T182). The Tower's inhabitants, desperate to escape the beast-men's attacks cut loose their primary anchor (T184), but the masked-men found it and somehow used it to prevent the Tower's escape. Elric, meanwhile, had slain his beast-men pursuers, and thought he would have to find other means to reach the Tower (the supposedly destroyed Ship That Sails Over Land and Sea). But, the masked-men's success in preventing the Tower's escape allowed him to continue to try and board the Tower directly.

With the Tower stuck in one location, the beast-men set about besieging it for four years (T185-T186). When the seige took a rest, the Tower's Captain began to attempt some feat of magic only to have the process hijacked by an external intruder (T187). Elric (presumably) had used the invocation to board the Tower and neither he nor the Tower has been heard from since.

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