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The dust in the upper atmosphere

1735 - 1736 T203
Dread Olathöe, Within The Ice: Mammoth winds howled out from the blast, raging across the plains and hills, killing everything that might live within their reach. A vast plume of ash and smoke soared up, flooding into the upper atmosphere and pluming out like a grotesque, colossal mushroom. The dust cloud lit with lightning, roaring up from the blast, and the aurora flared awake, shining down across the whole of the northern hemisphere like a beacon of doom.

1743-1744 T207
Seventy Miles from the mouth of the Yangtze River: The plume of steam (and vaporized fish and dust and rock) thrown up from the impact mounted into the heavens, eventually spreading out into a vast black pall across northern Asia. A dense cloud, impenetrable to the sun...

Imperial Venice, the Skywatch Tower near the Arsenal, late spring 1744: Worst, the impact threw up a vast cloud of dust and ash into the upper air. While a rain of burning stones would fall across Europe for the next three months, the spreading stain in the sky soon blocked out the sun. A dreadful cloud joined the faint brown smudge already clogging the higher reaches of the sky – the detritus of the Olathöe explosion.

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