Dread Initiates of Hapsburg

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Hapsburg in the RL English form of Habsburg. This was the former imperial house of Austria-Hungry. Rudolf I became king of Germany in 1273, and his descendants continued to gain additional lands and titles, including that of Holy Roman emperor. They reached their greatest power with the emperor Charles V (1519-1556) who divided his lands, creating the Austrian Hapsburg (ruled until 1918) and a Spanish lineage (ruled until 1700.)

How is this reflected in the alternate history of LOTE1?

The Dread Initiates may be linked with another Rosicrucian organisation, which found expression in the 'Confessio Fraternitatis' of 1615 and 'The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz' of 1616 (attributed to Johann Valentin Andrae, a German Protestant minister.) He was a member of a group that wanted to change Europe politically and spiritually by replacing the Catholic Habsburg dynasty with a reformist Protestant monarchy. The 'chemical' of the title is a reference to the practices of Alchemy.

The efforts of the group resulted in the coronation of the Elector Palantine Frederick V and his English wife princess Elizabeth Stuart as the short-lived "winter king and queen of Bohemia". The defeat of Frederick by the Habsburgs ended a period of Rosicrucian literature.

How this ties in with LOTE1 I do not know.

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