Dray Prescot

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Our hero, a man of Earth with a thatch of black hair, an ugly expression on his face and two feet squarely placed upon the ground. Most of the time.

Dray Prescot was born on November 5th, 1775, in a coastal town on the southern coast of England. His parents died while he was in his early teens, and he left to join the Royal Navy. By 1805 he had attained the rank of Lieutenant despite not being wealthy or of noble birth, and in that year his ship, the H.M.S. Rockingham, foundered off the coast of West Africa in a gale and he was shipwrecked. Fleeing from hostile natives, Dray Prescot finds himself snatched up and hurled to Kregen by the powers of the Savanti.

In his travels across Kregen Prescot has acquired many titles, including:

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