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Foundation: ???-1572 (???-T128)
Capital: ??
Religion: Hussite Christian

By Rob Pierce and Thad Plate


The shortlived colony of Danish West Africa was founded in the early 1550's by the Danish Empire ostensibly to keep an eye on the rival Aztec Empire. A great settlement program took place which converted all of Senegambia to a Danish apartheid-style culture. The territory had been seized from the Ifen Empire (?) whose counterattack conquered much of the Guinean coast. The Danes replied in kind and pushed back the Ifen advance from Susu to Kru. In 1566 the Aztec Empire landed two legions at Takrur and crushed the DWA state within five years.

After the conquest, refugees of the DWA government fled to Bavaria and opened up a government in exile. They disbanded during the Aztec Civil War.

The History:

(The Danes invade at Ifen controlled Takrur sometime between T118 and T122).

The Dano-Ife war continued, with increasing Danish success until 1566 (T126) when an Aztec & British fleet captured the Canaries, Cape Verde, and Takrur from the DWA (?). When in 1569 (T127) the Aztecs suffered a spate of power plays for the imperial throne, the West African legions revolted and reformed as the Viceroyalty of New Mexico. The now independent New Mexican troops overran Susu, Temne, Ghana, and Niani, and occupied Boure. Boure and Kru fell by 1572 (T128), completing the elimination of the Danes from West Africa.

The Kings

  •  ??? ???-??? (d ???)

The Players

  • T124-T128 (1558-1572) Thad Plate
  • T???-T123 (????-1557) (unknown)
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