Cult of the Bloated Mother

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T183, Javan Empire
There was ... a little trouble on Hainan, where the mayor of Yu-Lin, in an unexplained bit of derring-do, attempted to break up a gathering of backwoods peasants who were worshipping something called the "Bloated Mother". While his troops were busily slaughtering the unsanctioned worshippers, the mayor leapt onto the blood-stained altar and grappled with the high priest. The priest fell, his throat gashed open, and the mayor tottered on the slick stones. Then, as his men later described, "the sky, 'e opened up and things came down, piping and wailing, witha thousandt eyes and heads and claws, all rugose and rubbery, slick with slime, and take'd 'im away, screaming and flailing in all those mouths...".

EDITORS NOTE: A black (living?) sword was apparently found here during this raid. King Wili presented it to Abei in her quest to rescue his daughter Shir'le who disappeared from the steps of the Pedestal of the Sigil in the Shrine of the White Tower.

Editor's Note: The Bloated Mother appears in the Call of Cthulhu RPG as an avatar of Nyarlathotep.

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