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Foundation: 1447-1479 (T91-T99)Dead.gif
Capital: ?
Religion: ?

By Rob Pierce


The Corsican Kingdoms, while including the island of Corsica, were based largely in Greece. In the mid 1400's the Danes saw fit to conquer them, though what prompted them to do so is not clear. The large statue of Luigi the Fat that disappeared from Corsica in 1470 appears to have been rediscovered in Greece around 1677.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries:

1447-1450 (T91)

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (2C) Wessex, France, Berbers, Iberia, Sweden, Syria, Novgorod, Aleppo [2C]

The Corsicans were more than usually surprised to find large Danish armies descending upon them. The Danes marched into Macedon, a province painstakingly fortified by the Corsicans over the past years, and engaged a plethora of forts and guerillas and armies and spies and ... well, all that stuff. Anyway, after several months of battle the Danes finished off the doughty Corsican freedom fighters, capturing no less than three Corsican leaders (King Luigi escaped in a canoe, disguised in a gray bunny suit). The Danes then proceeded to isolate Salonika, which they found to be heavily fortified and infested with Corsican seige engineers and a small fleet. Thessaly and Greece, were, however, annexed by the Danes while the land blockade of Salonika continues.

1451-1454 (T92)

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (1C) Wessex, France, Berbers, Iberia, Sweden, Syria, Novgorod

The seige of Salonika continued to drag on, as the Danes decided to just sit around. The Corsicans did manage to murder the commander of the seige army, but that was about the extent of the activities. Attempts to rescue the captured leaders failed. A popular resistance against the Danish invaders spring up in Macedon, but not a lot came of it. The Plague did cause some problems, but not a lot.

1455-1458 (T93)

Ottomans: An Ottoman emissary to Rhodes was imprisoned there by the Corsican garrison.

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (1C) Wessex, France, Berbers, Iberia, Sweden, Syria, Novgorod

The Corsicans dug in and hid.

Sweden: Arguments in the Kalmar Senate over whether to pay for the release of the Corsican prisoners of the Danes were rendered moot when the prisoners did not appear to be ransomed.

Denmark: The Danes continued the war against the Corsicans, converting Macedon and storming Salonika with some 45,000 men against the 14,000 defenders. The city held out for three months of almost continuous fighting before falling to the Danes and their Russian mercenaries. The Corsican fleet escaped to the west.

1459-1462 (T94)

Ottomans: The Turkish leader held by the Corsicans in Rhodes managed to make a daring escape from his durance vile, escaping by leaping from his turret window into a wine-dark sea. He was then picked up by fishermen and brought home safely.

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (1C) Wessex, Capetian France, Berbers, Iberia, Sweden, Syria, Novgorod

The Corsicans huddled in their trenches, fearful and desperate. The Corsican leaders held by the Danes were broken out of gaol by the men in Grey Bunny Suits - who left a trail of icepicks and burning bodies behind them.

1463-1466 (T95)

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (0C) None

On Rhodes the Ottoman invaders found the island heavily fortified and crawling with Corsican leaders eager to revenge their losses in Macedonia. The invasion was a disaster and the Ottomans fled homeward to their base at Thaxos to lick their wounds.

1467-1470 (T96)

Ottomans: The Ottoman fleet prowled the Aegean, looking for and finding a number of Corsican ships, which it took great pleasure in sinking.

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (0C) None

On Christmas Day, 1468 AD, in the midst of a balmy mediterranean night, some three thousand Corsican nationals swarmed over the city walls of the city of Bastia and the keep on the edge of the harbor. Within, the Danish garrison was soundly asleep or comatose - due to the effects of a large Christmas Eve Dinner and much drinking thereafter. The few guards upon the walls were quickly slain and the blood-thirsty Corsicans were upon the slumbering Dane! Unfortunately for the Corsicans, a concurrent attempt to rescue Luigi the Tall from his durance vile in the Tower of Blood failed spectacularly - foiled by the alert senses of Capitan Segutorio, a mercenary serving with the Danish garrison. Fighting broke out and quickly spread throughout the keep and the city. The resultant battle was won by the Tyrolean troops employed on the island by the Danes, though the city of Bastia was destroyed in the resulting conflagration and the great statue of Luigi the Fat vanished from the headland over the bay.

1471-1474 (T97)

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (0C) None

The Corsicans made trouble for the Danes, sneaking resistance fighters into Corsica itself. by the end of the turn the Danish garrison had been driven back into Bastia by the Corsican Liberation Arny. A CLA raid on the Danish Imperial prison in Venice resulted in the release of Luigi the Tall. Unfortunately he died soon after a triumphant return to Rhodes of the treatment he had received in prison.

1475-1478 (T98)

Ottomans: The Ottomans, having completed their preparations, made a sweep of the Aegean, landing troops on the Berber holdings in the Kyklades, and attacking Rhodes once more. The Berbers holding the Kyklades were easily crushed by the superior Ottoman might, and the Corsican defenders of Rhodes put up their usual tenacious fight before being ground under.

Corsica: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (0C) None

On Corsica the brave and gallant Corsican freedom fighters had finally massed sufficient forces to assail the Danes hiding in Bastia. Fighting raged in the streets and in the keep of the fortress before the last of the scum Zendrati were ... Whoa! Too much Robotech there! ... scum Danes were wiped out and put against the wall by the revolution. After the victory there was much revelry and rejoicing amid the return of Luigi the Tall from exile. Then the Danes landed 10,000 men at Bastia and smashed the revolt. Once more the Corsicans retired to the hills to fight on against the Robotech Masters (I mean Danes!). This time, however, the Danes weren't having any of that and began loading the civilian population onto slave ships to be sent to Road projects in the north. A civil insurrection followed and the rapacious Invid were not defeated (so much for the fourth series). The Corsicans were bundled onto the slave boats and sent north to toil and die in the harsh climes of Germania.

1479-1482 (T99)

Ottomans: The island of Rhodes was the next on the Ottoman's list of targets and 9,000 Ottoman jannisaries landed there in early 1479... The island, the last stronghold of the Corsican monarchy, fell easily - defended by only a few hundred locals (who were not Dorsai). With the fall of the island, Corsica passed from the stage...

The Kings

  •  ??? 1474-1479
  • Luigi the Tall 1447-1474

The Players

  • T98 (1475-1478) (unknown; no ISI list)
  • T93-T97 (1455-1474) Luigi Bertocchi
  • T91-T92 (1447-1454) (unknown; no ISI list)

Last updated: 18 October 2002

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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