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The command deck is the primary bridge of a starship.

Astronomer light cruiser command deck

On a warship the command deck is divided into a number of rings of control stations, each with a shockchair.

On the IMN Cornuelle there are three rings of control station in the form of a U with the captain sitting in the center chair. Below the captain, the XO sits below and to the left, and the Weapons Officer below and to the right. The outer ring consists of the Secondary Weapons station, and the Helm, Navigation, and sensor tech stations and three Communication stations.

Nav. Helm
2nd Weaps. XO Weaps. Comm
2nd Comm Captain 3rd Comm
Sensor Sensor
Sensor Sensor

Each station consists of a v-panel display configurable into a number of v-panes and control bars. Navplot for instance, can be accessed at any command station.

The captain's control station includes a half-circle v-panel, and has side v-panels as an integral part of the shockchair. The battle-stations glyph is at the top of his main v-panel.

The forward bridge is dominated by a large curving v-screen and the holospace of the threat-well display which has a low railing surrounding it.

Destroyer command deck located above the main gun deck

On the smaller command deck of a destroyer there are a smaller number of crew stations.

Captain XO/2nd Weaps.

On a larger ship the command deck would be correspondingly larger, with additional control stations to duplicate other stations or to provide specialised functions.

A Duty Watch is present on the Command Deck and Engineering Deck throughout the watches of the day and nightcycle, though usually only a skeleton crew is present between shipsnight and shipsdawn.


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